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1. jsps give me a bunch of errors, probably due to DOCTYPE

First here:

<html xmlns="">
I get the warning: "Undefined attribute name (xmlns)." What's the best way to solve this in Eclipse? I also get an error here "Missing quotes for attribute value (it refers ...

2. Turn off selected HTML errors in eclipse

I recently upgraded my Eclipse to Ganymede, version 3.4.2. Now it's giving me a ton of errors on the HTML in my JSPs for things like parameter values with no quotes and ...

3. Eclipse : What are these JSP errors?

I've inherited a web application and when setting it up in Eclipse it shows errors in a particular JSP. The errors have no description associated with them in the Problems view, and ...

4. How to see JSP errors in the Problem view in Eclipse + WTP

I have installed WTP into Eclipse Galileo. When I open up my JSPs, I get red markers indicating syntax or compile errors. However, I do not see these markers in the ...

5. updating error in JSP, eclipse

- Can not issue data manipulation statements with executeQuery().
MultiDBManager db8=new MultiDBManager(uif);
String updateString = "UPDATE pklrsc SET pr_prod_rate="+rate+" , pr_ln_cst="+cost+" WHERE pr_rsc_cde= "+component+" ";

6. Error while opening a JSP page with JSP Designer with MyEclipse

I have MyEclipse 5.0 M2, and when I try to open any JSP page with JSP Designer it gives me an error like this:

com.jniwrapper.win32.LastErrorException: E_INVALIDARG (The parameter is incorrect.) ...

7. JSP Duplicate field error, MyEclipse

I imported a project to MyEclipse 9, but once completed I get hundreds of similar errors like these:

Duplicate field __2F_config_2F_WebRoot_2F_pages_2F_66_2F_27003_2F_CitadelRegistered_2E_jsp.brandId_rrt
in this case on this line:
<%@ include file="../../config.jsp" %>
The project was originally ...

8. Strange error on jsp's

Got this in my jsps in Eclipse Spring project.

Class 'java.lang.String' not found [config set: Myproject/web-context
I've read that it is because jre libraries are not set. How to fix it in Eclipse? ...