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I have a JSP page which includes an iframe , Iframe contains the image display part & some other part, The problme is whenevr the iframe encounters an error, it gets ...

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I am having troubles handling error in JSP pages. I am using JSP page directive to specify an error page. At the top of the page I am including a header file using JSP:include. Now what I expect is that if there is any error then only the error page should be displayed. But actually what is displayed is the header ...

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Hello all, I'm having problems with the following code: //file 1 <%@page errorPage="ErrorPage.jsp" %> <% if(true) throw new Exception("Test"); %> //ErrorPage.jsp <%@page isErrorPage="true" %> ErrorError Both files are in the same directory (jsptests) below webapps . The structure of this directory is normal (has a WEB-INF , classes, lib , etc. folders). When I run this code inside Netbeans it works ...

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Hi , #1 . I am trying to handle the HTML error based on error codes.I tried to use the tag in web.xml as I need to implement the error handling for all the jsp pages, but for some reason even when the HTML error happens the control is not passed over to the error page mentioned in . #2. ...

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I never ever do anything with SQL from servlet or JSP directly. If you want to do this right, you have to seriously rethink of your code design and which part of your code should work with DB. Scenario: 1. On JSP page user providers some info and submit input form to servlet. 2. Servlet takes request params and call further ...