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1. Java servlet - export to an excell

How to make an excel file (and txt file) filled with data from a table on the html page in a servlet and send it to a browser?

2. Export excel html as an using servlets

I am exporting an excel file from an jsp page using javascript , sending the request back to servlet and writing the response with the desired html string which is sent ...

4. "Save as" option save Excel file as HTML by default?

I've written a simple reporting application which will generate a report in Excel format. Upon completion the page (ReportList.jsp) will then forward a URL to another page (ReportSuccess.jsp) where user have to right click and choose "Save as" to retrieve the report. On the development environment (XP SP2 with MS Office installed) there is no problem encountered. However, when I ported ...

7. JSP/HTML to Excel

8. Exporting html data to excel