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1. Java OutOfMemory error in filter

I get a java.lang.outOfMemoryError exception, while writing a big file to the servletOutputStream. Every response is by default wrapped using a ehcache.constructs.web.filter Object for GZIP compression. And as per the logs, the ...

2. Overriding getWriter(), server returns error 503 (weird?)

Hi I am following the code from this link: Capture and log the response body However the server return error 503 which is really weird? This is my code:


3. What does a tomcat error about CsrfPreventionFilter mean?

I found the error in the logs of my application, googling produces very confusing results. What is this error? How is it possible to workaround or track it down? Thanks.

4. 404 Error when trying to use a filter for a servlet

Sorry for following this up so late , had to be involved with another project. I've tried to fix this issue without success. The thing is the whole web app is running perfectly and everything is taken care except this security feature. I've also tried logging and this is the log that I'm able to generate when I access the system ...

5. Diverting to error JSP from filter