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1. Handling context-path refs when migrating "/" site to Java EE packaging

An existing Java site is designed to run under "/" on tomcat and there are many specific references to fixed absolute paths like "/dir/dir/page". Want to migrate this to Java EE packaging, ...

2. Servlet Filter modify path to files

Could you help me with implementation Filter which will modify all request to files /DIR/* into /NEW_DOMAIN/NEW_CONTEXT_PATH/DIR/*

3. servlet path in a filter

4. Servlet Filter: how to resolve path

Hi- I'm writing a couple of filters that our apps will use. I want each app to provide for its own config.fil under /web-inf/. My filters will be deployed as a jar on WAS. In my doFilter method I want to resolve the path to the comfig file e.g. (in doFilter) String cfgFilepath = httpReq.getServerName() +httpReq.getServerPort() +httpReq.getContextPath() +"/WEB-INF/redirect-config.xml"; Parser p = ...