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1. Configuring javax.servlet.Filter and javax.xml.rpc.handler.GenericHandler at server level

I have one Filter and few Handlers (GenericHandler), which work fine when configured per web application or web-service. I was just wondering if there is a way of configuring these at ...

2. Filters Help - Getting 2 filters to work with each other

Hi I have written 2 filters 1 for a normal user and 1 for a admin yet you have to be admin to login. Here is the source for both of ...

3. Who will take the roll of service method in filters in java?

Hi Filters are like servlets but managed by the web container but there is service() method in servlets but there is no method called service in filters. There are three only three ...

4. How can I tell why a servlet filter has been invoked

In the servlet 2.4 spec you can define dispatchers in the filter config [REQUEST | FORWARD | ERROR | INCLUDE]. When the filter is invoked, how can I tell from which condition ...

5. How to specify more than one named Servlet to be wrapped by a filter?

How to specify more than one named Servlet to be wrapped by a filter?

6. Servlet.init() and Filter.init() call sequence

In which order are Servlet.init() and Filter.init() methods called in java web application? Which one is called first? Are all Servlet.init() methods called before than any Filter.doFilter method?

7. servlet vs filter

What is the difference between a servlet and filter? What do you recommend to use authorization to pages?

8. X-JSON servlet filter:GA

Hello I have a specific need to filter out the X-JSON header attribute and its data content. It is actually my first foray into servlet filters so it is a general ...

9. How to make run a servlet filter?

For my web application, i have created login page. To block the access to the other pages i setup a filter. But while running the web app, it gives Servlet class ...

10. How to configure a filter to work after servlet processing?

The problem in brief is that i want a certain filter to run after servlet processing to check for a value in the request attributes and based on that value it ...

11. How do I implement a dummy filter to exclude a file from being filtered?

I am trying to implement a filter for all my files excluding login.jsp. I understand that filter mapping cannot exclude certain files. What I need to do is to create another ...

12. Servlet 3.0 Async-supported does not work

Here is my web.xml


13. How to call a normal Servlet after the final Filter?

Here is the working solution (the request should be wrapped and in order to be able read the body more than once):

public void doFilter(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response, FilterChain chain)

14. Java Filter and count of calls

I have written test Filter (javax.servlet.Filter) and started to debug. And I was surprised that one refresh of html page calls twice method doFilter(). Could anybody describe me why it happens ? Thanks. ...

15. How to use a Filter?

When does a Java Filter start? Does the Filter init() method overide the servlet init() method? Where do I declare the init parameters in web.xml?

16. where to host my servlet program...?

Just writeen a program servlet program. I have a tomcat server on my pc.I have run it successfully there but now i want to host it somewhere. But i have no idea how ...

17. How to check user authorized with filter

I have a filter and Login Servlet. How i can check - authorized user or not? and if not authorized - to redirect him to Login Servlet. Thanks.

18. Can I attach filter for testing to httpunit ServletRunner?

I'm using httpunit ServletRunner for servlets testing. Now I want to test servlet which uses request attributes (not parameters). Attributes are put to the request by my filter. So for servlet ...

19. serving static files from servlet filter

I have to serve a static file (based on the request uri) from a servlet filter, if the response from the servlet has some "hint" to do so (that's not the ...

20. Should a web framework be a Filter or a Servlet?

Having a web framework handle requests from single point of entry is a solved problem. However, should that single point of entry be a Filter or a Servlet? Why would a ...

21. Apply a servlet filter only in some environments

I have a servlet filter that adds a random amount of latency to each request. Right now I toggle it on when I am developing, and switch it off before ...

22. .NET equivalent of Java Servlet Filters

Is there a .NET equivalent to using Servlet Filters for request pre-processing in .NET?

23. Problem with Java servlet Trim Filter exclude file

I'm using Trim Filter 2.3 from with ColdFusion 9 and IIS C:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot\WEB-INF\web.xml



24. Writers and OutputStreams in Java EE applications and filters

I've recently encountered the following exception...

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot obtain Writer because OutputStream is already in use
I understand the nature of the exception; namely the code can use a Writer or ...

25. How to make Filter applicable only to a Module

I have various modules in my Application such as Authentication , Tickets , Reports ---etc . I want to apply Filters only to the Authentication Module and not to any other Modules ...

26. Why java servlet is not a filter?

Possible Duplicate:
servlet vs filter
I am java beginner. Now I am learning about filters. What is the difference between servlet & filter. I have read about ...

27. problem in java filter

I have created my simple transaction management application in this i used one works in all the scenarios except first time after login. After restarting the server if tried to access ...

28. How to add domain restriction to REST CAS

In our project we're using jasig CAS solution. Recently we've added RESTful interface. To be 100% secure I want to provide restriction on URLs. Only trusted URLs should be able to ...

29. JNDI and DBCP - Configuration settings and clarification

I'm working on a Servlet Filter which measures Servlet/JSPs respond times and updates a database with the relevant data. The Servlet Filter is a global filter, which works on all contexts in ...

30. How do I write to a file from a servlet-filter and read it in Eclipse?

I want to write to a file from my filter and then be able to read it in Eclipse to make sure I've written to it correctly. This code compiles and runs ...

31. How can I add a servlet filter programmatically?

Although I've seen many similar questions, I didn't find a clear answer. Using Servlet Spec 2.5, is it possible to add servlet filters and mappings programmatically? The preferred location would be in a ...

32. What will the the order in which filters will be called?

Suppose i have following in my web.xml

What ...

33. How to test Shiro filters?

I need to test the security filters setup using Shiro. How can I do that? I'm currently thinking about Spring mock web classes, as means for input. Any ideas? (not looking ...

34. Problem with Servlet Filter

BlakkPhoenixx Joined: 19 Jan 2009 Posts: 11 Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:20 am Post subject: Problem with Servlet Filter Dear Sirs/Madams, I am very new to servlet ...

35. Probl;em using filters with servlets

I have written a filter that logs the request information and the user id in session at the time the servlet is invoked. The filter class works fine when i use /* as the url-pattern in web.xml but it doen not work when the url-pattern is /logservlet which is the url-pattern for my servlet class Is there Any reason why this ...

36. Servlet Filters

Hi All, I'm following the Java EE tutorial on Servlets, Mood app, on the topic of Filters, namely: To Specify Filter Mappings Using NetBeans IDE, step 4, "Click Filters at the top of the editor pane." My editor pane has only the following at the top when displaying glassfish-web.xml: General Servlets Security Web Services Messaging Environment XML Am I in the ...

37. FacesMessages in servlet filter

I am trying to use FacesMessages within a servlet filter inside a ContextualHttpServletRequest. My reasoning for interacting with the FacesMessages component here is that I can notify the user of asynchronous events that occur. Here is my filter:public void doFilter(final ServletRequest servletRequest, final ServletResponse servletResponse, final FilterChain filterChain) throws IOException, ServletException { LOGGER.debug("processing ...

39. Intercepting XML using Servlet Filter

Bill,'re right. The "CustomRequestWrapper" object is what gets passed to the Actual Servlet. The manipulation of the bytes should be done in this object. Let me explain what I understood. The control flow goes like this from the doFilter() method. 1. Instantiates the CustomRequestWrapper Object CustomRequestWrapper cr = new CustomRequestWrapper((HttpServletRequest)request); 2. Invokes the overrided getInputStream of ServletInputStream. public ServletInputStream getInputStream() ...

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43. Filters in servlet 2.3

44. filter mechanism in Servlets

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48. Filter Problem in Servlet

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50. Doubts in servlet filters.

51. Filter and servlet

52. what are Servlets Filters ?

53. How Do I Use the Servlet Filter To ......

It is a security related question. I can use "role"-based security checking. For example, John can view the sales reports if he has the "sales role". Now, I want to further restrict John to view the sales reports in his "region" only. People say that I can use the servlet filter. I do not know the validity of this statement. If ...

54. What about Servlet Filters?

55. How to Servlet Filtering?

56. Servlet Filter

You can only map a URL to one Servlet. You can map a URL to multiple Filters. As stated above, this allows you to place code that is very common in a Filter and map which URLs you want it to apply to. You only write the code once. If you wanted this without Filters, you would have to put the ...

57. Filter vs Base Servlet

Think of a base servlet as a nuke. It's going to effect everything. A filter is more presice. You have to map it to each and every resource you want it to effect, but it effects nothing else and can be done so by simply modifying the contents and order of web.xml, not the code.

58. Filters vs Servlets

59. Servlet Filter

60. Servlet Filters

61. Filter vs Servlet

62. Wrap a webDAV Filter around a servlet

64. Servlet Filter problems

Greetings, I am trying to use a servlet filter to detect for session timeout in order to redirect back to the login page. Question 1. how to capture the HTTP page they were 'on' (which I assume will be in the history) when the session expired in order to bring tham back after they log in? Question 2. In Filter Chaining, ...

65. Problem Servlet Filter

hi friends, I am using a simple filter just to display a image in a .html or jsp. its running fine with all jsp and html in both cases,either invoked before or after the page. But i encounter a problem when it invoked before a html page which contain framset. except the image from the filter nothing get displayed. but if ...

66. Can filters be invoked AFTER servlets?

69. Servlet Filter

70. What is the use of Filter in Servlets?

71. Anyway for servlet filter to get socket that connects to client to get certs?

I am writing a Servlet filter that handles authentication. One type i'm looking to implement is client-cert. To do so, the filter first checks in the request object for: request.getAttribute( "javax.servlet.request.X509Certificate" ); however, from some comments and notes I've seen, the certificate isn't always there. So the code (for example some code I saw in one web server's implementation) gets the ...

73. encryption servlet filter

Hello; I am writing a servlet filter that decrypts parameter=value on the way in, and encrypts things on the way out. I can find lots of things on the internet that say this is what servlet filters are ment to do. I can get the request parameter/values then encrypt/decrypt the name-value pair. I am missing how to swap out the old ...

74. Filters and Servlets

75. Servlet Filter not working in JDK1.3.1

Hi, I have an authorization filter which was deployed in WebSphere5.0 which is configured under datasource5(oracle thin driver) with jndi. observed facts =============== WebSphere 5.0 comes with jdk1.3.1. and supports datasource 4/5.0 datasource 5.0 will support servlet2.3. Servlet 2.3 depends on jdk1.2. Problem ======== When i am trying execute my filter in websphere its giving the below given error: IntranetAuthorizationFilter was ...

76. servlet filtering

77. servlet filter sendRedirect

78. FrontController and Servlet Filters

Hi friends, The problem which I am facing is slightly complex. I have jsp page having many hyperlinks which request to a common Servlet (Front Controller). When the user clicks on a hyperlink the request forwards through another Servlet(Intercepting Filter). This Servlet checks whether the user has authenticated. If the user is not authenticated it shows a login page else the ...

79. Filter vs Servlet

Bear's point that replacing all servlets with filters would be to "obfuscate your design and code" is an important one. Another way to highlight the difference between servlets and filters is to consider the types of problems that each is designed to address. My understanding of filters suggests that they are most powerful when used to modularly address cross-cutting concerns that ...

80. servlet filter

81. servlet filter example

82. Using filter with more than one servlet

83. servlet filter

I am using a filter for authorization . . roles administrator . . If i want to check for different roles what will be the should it be like administrator,user I meant should they be seperated by commas. Thanks in advance. [ October 24, 2007: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]

88. Using servlets params from filters

Hi ranchers, I got a question for you. in web.xml config file I configured a set of servlets with an init-param (let's call it OP_CODE). Each servlet has its own OP_CODE. Now, since the logic that handles this param is the same for each servlets, I'd like to move this logic to a filter. What I need to know is : ...

89. Servlet filter not getting invoked

90. Servlet Filter Confusion

91. Info on Servlet Filters

93. Need help with transparent single sign-on servlet filter

if(request.getHeader("authorization") == null){ response.setStatus(response.SC_UNAUTHORIZED); response.addHeader("WWW-Authenticate", "NEGOTIATE"); } if(request.getHeader("authorization") != null){ boolean kerberosshowconfig = true; String kerberosauthloginconfig = "C:/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/sakai-jaas.conf"; String kerberoskrb5conf = "C:/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/krb5.ini"; System.setProperty("", "C:/krb5.conf"); System.setProperty("", "C:/sa.conf"); byte[] token = null; byte[] tokenForPeer = null; byte[] tokenForEndpoint = new byte[0]; String endpointSPN = null; GSSManager manager = GSSManager.getInstance(); GSSContext context = null; GSSCredential clientCred = null; GSSCredential myCred = null; try { ...

96. Servlet Filter

97. A query about Servlet Filter

Hi , I am having a question with respect to Servlet Filters .I am working on already existing project which needs some changes . In our Application , we have a Servlet Filter with this code: public class UTF8Filter implements Filter { public void destroy() {} public void doFilter(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response, FilterChain chain) throws IOException, ServletException { request.setCharacterEncoding("UTF8"); // All ...

98. Problems with servlet filter

I'm using servlet filters for the first time on my current development project and I'm running into a couple of problems. The first problem I ran into was that certain urls will not hit the filter, while others will. I read online and in these forums and found that it could be because I'm using a dispatch.forward(), whereas the filter looks ...

99. call a servlet/Filter during refresh ?

100. Returning the different type from the Servlet Filter

Hi Ranchers, I have an application in which REST is used to return data to the client. The data format could be an XML String or a JSON String. Normally one would use JAXB for the conversion of Object -> XML/JSON but because of certain issues, we are not using it. So eventually we have a data object at the REST ...