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Is there a way for a servlet filter to get a list of all servlets and their mappings?

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The goal is to have string interpolation work within the XML ENTITY. I'm attempting to have pluggable servlet filters, and seems like a good way is use XML ENTITY to ...

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what is the purpose of <filter> tag in web.xml?

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My company has a servlet filter we would like to include in various 3rd party Java web applications. There is some hesitancy to edit the vendor's web.xml file. Is ...

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I have a web-application with login screen backed up by an Authentication Filter. I have the following in my web.xml

And ...

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I'd like the ability to modify/configure filters in a different way than web.xml. Here is a static configuration of 2 filters. I'd like the ability to have one filter statically configured ...

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I have various different categories of servlets. Can I configure the filters in my web.xml such that each filter only applies for one of the categories of servlet.