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1. Cannot write image to a directory on my website

Im trying to write a file to my server. I set all permissions on the folder to allow me to write files to a specific directory, however I'm getting the ...

3. how to upload a image in particulart directory in web app. server

I am using Tomcat I am writing upload program to upload image in to he related directory. But it is storing in bin directory of tomcat, I have store in webapps folder. I am using IOStream to upload the bytes of image... any one help in the small issue.... thanks in advance

4. Display image from non-web directory

5. How to restrict access of images folder when application made using JSP

Hi I have developed an application using JSP's and have deployed it on apache tomcat 5.5.24.My application uses images which are stored in a folder named images,the hierarchy is as follows context>dept>branch>images> The problem i face is that i am able to access the images directly by typing the url in the browser.can anyone please tell me how to restrict access ...

9. images folder

As for the images folder, you should put it where something will serve the images when it receives an HTTP request for them. But right now you don't have any such thing; Websphere isn't that thing because it only serves web applications, and your images aren't in any web application. However it's possible to set up something which will serve those ...

10. Dispaly all images of folder

12. How to display the images from folder in jsp