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1. creating directory on server

2. problem adding/renaming directory on server when connected via DreamWeaver

I have a JSP that allows a user to create a new directory on the server, place a file in it, and also rename/delete the directory. However, when I am connected to the server via DreamWeaver, often the directory won't get added or renamed, but when I'm not connected, it works fine. Does anyone know if this is to be expected, ...

3. Uploading Folder from Client Side to Server Side

I need a little puch in the right direction please. I have a JSP page that uploads images for employees in an organization. My initial design was to use the

5. Creating a folder in the server

Hi there. I use Eclipse with Tomcat 6. I want to create a JSP where one can upload a file and then view it as a list of files in the directory. I have managed to accomplish upload a file to a shared folder on LAN and view it as a http page. (In server.xml of Tomcat I have context folder ...