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1. creating a Directory tree structure on a JSP

I recently came across the Java DefaultMutableTreeNode class. I was wondering if there is any similar classes/technology available for Servlets/JSPs. I am working on a web application for which a database ...

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8. how to diplay folder structure hierarchy in jsp

hello friends, i am doing a static website in which all the contents will be static no database will be there there will be one adminstrator who will edit the pages. i have to disply folder hierarchy in the website. if he click on the folder sub folders should be opened like that. please help me guys. thanks chaithu

9. problem with webapp directory structure

I'm running TC 6.0.13 and have deployed a webapp to a std directory structure ie; /contextroot/WEB-INF/classes WEB-INF/lib WEB-INF/pages WEB-INF/css WEB-INF/js /index.jsp In my JSP I have a tag like Similarly I have a another tag like In both cases the external script file and the style sheet are not found. Of course if ...

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12. Directory Structure JSP & JS

I am going to go insane. I have a web project using JSP and JQuery (which are included js files in the JSP pages). The only way I can get it to work is if I move ALL files to the same level as the WEB-INF folder. When I put them in a folder structure (mind you folders are ALSO the ...

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15. jsps/Directory Structure

I am trying out various jsp-examples given with the tomcat app server (5.5) download. When I tried modifying some of the code in the jsps, the results never showed up (it was as if i was modifiying only a copy of the jsp even though my path http://localhost..etc was pointing right to the jsp file. If anyone can shed some light ...