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1. Ajax for State and country combo box

Core Ajax for State and country combo box to be used in JSP.

2. unabled to set the seleted value on a combo box

Sir, I have a combobox whose values are loaded from the database. My combobox coding is as follows

<select name="type" size="1" id="type" align="left">


3. unabled to keep selected value in a combo box

Sir, Im trying to implement the search feature in my website. when i select a value into the combobox, the form will be Posted and the result will be shown on the same ...

4. Help with ComboBox In Jsp code

following is the .jsp code to populate combobox:

  List <String> lststringIncidentIds = new ArrayList <String>();
  String AllIds;
  AllIds = "";


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7. Getting value from combobox

8. combo boxes and iterator

Hi, I have 3 combo boxes in jsp page. If user selects 3 diff values in combo and clicks submit button,i have to display values. Scenario; combo box:1 country combo box:2 state combo box:3 city If user selects "state1" in 2nd combo,"all cities" in 3rd combo, i have to display in such a way that cities in state1-1 column and cities ...

9. Using Combo Box in JSP

10. how to populate value in combo box

This is the simplest way... My sample code.. buf1.append(""); tLocB = buf1.toString(); buf1.delete(0, buf1.length()); rs = null; and down in in the jsp replace the select box portion with .... <%= tLocB%>

12. Combo Boxes

13. Using Combo Boxes in JSP & Servlet

14. combo boxes in jsp

i have 3 combo boxes: select 1 select 2 and select 3 now the values in select 1 are retrieved from the database and displayed using jsp. now, the values to be displayed in select 2 should be dependent on what the selected value in select 1 is. the values also to be displayed in select 3 should also be dependent ...

15. JSP + Ajax + combo box

17. ComboBox using JSP

18. combo box selection in jsp

19. Populating the ComboBox by selecting another

Dear Ranchers In my project, i've 2 tables 1) Lead-Time 2) Mode of Transport Lead-Time includes the following column 1) Source Country 2) Source Port 3) Destination Country 4) Destination Port 5) Transport code 6) Lead Time NB: the lead time will be different.. according to the transport code Transport Table contains 1) Type of transport (Air/Sea/Road) 2) Description ======================================================================== In ...

20. Problem in JSP with respect to combo box.

JSP is as follows: Student ID : combo box (select field)contains list of all student IDs Student Name : Student Name is fetched from DB after selecting Student ID in combo box. : : When student name is fetched after selecting Student ID in combo box, Student ID is set to the default ID means the selected Student ID is being ...

21. Combo box problem in jsp

hi frnds i have a problem in workin out one small module in my project. i have one drop down box with values selected in it from my database. i have few text boxes below. i want to display corresponding values from the database with respect to the option i selected in drop down box. Can anyone help me out this ...

22. Chained combobox fails to work

23. Filter a combobox

24. problem in getting the values from combo box when values includes space

hi .. i tried to getting the values from combo box and passed to next jsp file.. i got the result when i'm selecting the item which in one word.. for example i'm getting "Agent" value form combo.. but if it is "Whole Sale" i'm getting the word "whole" only in the next page.. i attached the coding function validation() { ...

25. Combo boxes and servlets - Pls Help

Hello all, Am struck in the middle of a project. i use Mysql, tomcat3.2.1 on win 98. Actually the requirement is that, data from a field in a mysql table needs to be read and displayed within a combo box. no idea as to what should be done..pls help. the combo that displays the field from a table will be used ...

26. Servlet getting values from a combo box

28. How to get values from combo box in servlet

Welcome to the Ranch! Firstly, calling an select element a Combo Box is incorrect. There is no native equivalent to the desktop control known as a Combo Box in HTML. Secondly, do a View Source on the rendered HTML that is sent to the browser for the JSP page. I am almost certain that you will find that you forget to ...

29. Combobox-java servlet

30. Displaying record from combo box

Actually i am getting the values in the select list from table.I want what ever the value i select in combo box its corresponding records will display in their respective text box. e.g suppose i select ram values from the combo box and its corresponding records like full name, last name ,address etc should be display in their respective text box. ...

31. ComboBox in jsp

33. Comboboxes in a jsp page.

34. retaining the combo box values

35. JSP Combobox and Java Class

36. jsp combo box

37. combo box

38. Attaching multiple combo box with each other on d basis of sql 2005.

hello friends :) , i m facing some problem in attaching multiple combo box with each other with the sql 2005 database in servlets. ok so this is my problem in deatil:- i just want to take multiple combo box on 1 page nd want to join all the combo box with sql database for data. And on the execution time ...

39. set gender and selected combobox value

How to set selected radio button from the database record? because i want to modify the record from the database and set it to the html form to let the user to update the personal information. my code is like this, and i need help on the radio button and combo box. response.setContentType("text/html"); PrintWriter out = response.getWriter(); out.println("

Update Student

"); String id; ...

40. how to reduce the weight of a combo box in a jsp

hi friends, i have developed a jsp form in which i have placed some combo box and i am using ajax concept for loading the details for a field just above the combo box. my problem is that when the ajax loads the records in the form it comes above the combo box .there,the combo box is coming above the ajax ...

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42. stop toggle in a combobox in jsp

43. Problem in JSP while loading ComboBox

The double entry would be because you are outputting two option entities for the selected item, one in the loop and one when you discover it's selected. However this is, overall, a pretty bad way to organise a web application. You should do your database activity in a Servlet before invoking the JSP and pass a list of values via a ...