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1. file upload "multipart/form" Exception org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileUploadBase$InvalidContentTypeException

I tried to use the file upload using Apache Commons but the following exception thrown org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileUploadBase$InvalidContentTypeException: the request doesn't contain a multipart/form-data or multipart/mixed stream, content type header is null My html code ...

2. Issue with multipart/form-data

I am not able to get values from both files and text input in a servlet when my form includes multipart/form-data. I am using the apache.commons.fileuploads for help with the uploads. ...

3. Using a file form field with a Java servlet

I am tring to retrieve a filename or the file itself for use in a java servlet (from a web form). I have a file form field:

<form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" action="">

4. JSP/Servlet: Create a form for uploading an unknown number of files

I need to create a form that will allow, among other things, a user to upload an unknown number of files to the server running Tomcat. It would be nice if ...

5. Displaying .gif file in JSP form using Servlet program

I have written a servlet java program. During the execution of one particular loop of the program, I need the a gif file to be displayed in the JSP form indicating that ...

6. How to process uploaded file and for data in same servlet?

I am uploading files using servlets. Now, i want to process some user input/form data in the same servlet. Is that possible? If, its possible means, how? As far what i know ...

7. access hidden field value into another jsp file

i've a hidden field value

<input type="hidden" id= "i1" name="h1" value="Request Recieved"/ >
i need the value to be read in another jsp file whose reference is mentioned in the current file. i'm ...

8. Sending Form Data with File Data in java

Possible Duplicate:
How to upload files in JSP/Servlet?
In Sequel to my Previous Question, I am sending form data like various input boxes, etc with file ...

9. open a doc file in a textarea in jsp?

hi anyone help me I want to view a doc file in a textarea in jsp technology here below i find a code but on my system ActiveXObject is not created while ...

10. Java - file upload problem


import javax.servlet.*;
import javax.servlet.http.*;
import java.util.Iterator;
import java.util.List;
import org.apache.commons.fileupload.servlet.ServletFileUpload;
import org.apache.commons.fileupload.disk.DiskFileItemFactory;
import org.apache.commons.fileupload.*;

public class Apply extends HttpServlet
    protected void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)

11. How to know the file size when uploading via multipart form-data?

I am exercising a simple application with HTML client that uploads a file to the server and must display a progress bar :) The server is servlet-based, some servlet receives the multipart ...

12. post form contains a file to servlet

I want to post a form which have many fields, one of them is a file, when I make like this

<form action="MediaManagementServlet" name="addMedia" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
//    many fileds
<label>upload file</label>
<input ...

13. How can I get files uploaded in a jsp form

I have this code in my jsp side:

    <form action="upload" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">

14. Run a Java program form a JSP file

15. FTPing files from HTML form

16. File upload doesn't work when additional form elements introduced

I have a fileupload.html which requires input from user the following form elements: title of file type(text), type (select option) and attachment which is a input type file and a submit button calling action to upload.jsp. The upload.jsp completely handles the upload of the file. The upload works successfully, if I remove the two form elements text and select from fileupload.html, ...

17. Can't get details on form file...

18. Calling JAR file in JSP form

19. Multiple Form Handling in JSP and Servlets for File Uploading

Hello I am developing the small business portal. I have got one Target_Profile.jsp file which contains information about the Simple HTML form with file control for uploading the file . I have got Multiple Forms for handling these two different requests seperately. The simple HTML form content is stored in flat file. I have to upload the file also for and ...

20. form to upload files

21. DropDown List Problem : file system

25. file upload using multipart/form-data

import java.util.List; import "java.util.Iterator; import "; import "org.apache.commons.fileupload.servlet.ServletFileUpload; import "org.apache.commons.fileupload.disk.DiskFileItemFactory; import "org.apache.commons.fileupload.*; import "java.sql.*; String itemName = ""; String seq=""; PreparedStatement pstm = null; String files = ""; Class.forName("oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"); int rs; Connection connect = DriverManager.getConnection(""); boolean isMultipart = ServletFileUpload.isMultipartContent(request); if (!isMultipart) { } else { FileItemFactory factory = new DiskFileItemFactory(); ServletFileUpload upload = new ServletFileUpload(factory); List items = null; try { ...