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How to populate a form when JSP is called first time ? I need to process an XML file when a page is refreshed & populate the form in the JSP ...

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I have the following code:

    TaxonomicTypeFeed ttf = new TaxonomicTypeFeed();
    ArrayList<String> tmp = ttf.getTypes();
    System.out.println("Going to print");

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Does anyone know how to make the form elements in a JSP populate automatically? I am getting very sick of doing: input type="text" name="text" value="<%= myvalue %>" This is even uglier with select lists, those of you who have done this know what I mean. Anyone got any ideas? I have all the values when entering the JSP I just want ...

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I am using JSTL to populate one dropdown based on the selection of the other dropdown Here is what i did: In the form element tag i have a drop down named manufact that gets populated(and works correctly).But i would like to get the selected value of this dropdown and populate the second drop down named providedfor.I have used the window.location.reload ...

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Thanks for the reply. It is a very simple application hence not using any framework. How can I put "checked" ? var = abc,bcd >abc I am trying to acheive this. Is there a better way to do it? Also is there any function for contains?