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1. Html form, radio button and Servlet

I've writen a servlet that builds an html page showing the content of a database. The code is:

Statement st = (Statement) conexion.createStatement();          ...

2. Difficulties to understand radio buttons logic

I am having some difficulties while trying to understand the radio buttons logic. I have two radio buttons and their name is FR. From the database, I am retrieving a value ...

3. HttpServletRequest getParameter of Radio Buttons

I want to have the parameter value of radio button.

<input type="radio" name="lang" value="Official"/>Official Only
<input type="radio" name="lang" value="all"/>All
How do I check in java to see which one is selected?

4. how to pull selected radio button in a jsp

I have two radio buttons, and depending on which one is selected I want to send them to a specific jsp page. I do not know how to pull which button ...

5. Pre-populating radio buttons in JSP

How can I pre-populate a HTML radio button using JSP, depending on the value in the database?

6. JSP and Radio Buttons

I have a JSP with a select box,radio buttons, and a submit button. The user will make a select from the select box and click on one of the radio button. When the submit button is clicked on the JSP redirects to another JSP that needs to determine the value from the select box (which works) and determine which radio button ...

7. Jsp - Radio / Checkbox

8. JSP Radio /CheckBox

Thru jsp form i am inserting into a database few fields which has a checkbox and radio button .. Insertion is successful...but when i want to modify this page...i get the text field but not the values of radio button or checkbox which i had previously selected and stored...i.e all the radio buttons and the checkbox remains unchecked only even though ...

10. radio buttons-storing different values

12. handle radio buttons in servlet

I have the following situation: User fills a form which has 2 input text boxes and 2 radio buttons with a input text box each, depending on the radio button clicked the input text box of the other radio button is made read only (i.e you cannot fill that). Now when I submit the form a servlet handles the data but ...

13. Processing Radio Buttons in a Form/Servlet

Hi all, I have a form, with a table. On each row of the table there is an "and" and "or" radio button. First, I only want the user to select one radio button per row. That is if they select "and", then "or" becomes disabled. I tried to solve this by naming both radio buttons the same name, but then ...

16. radio buttons in servlet

Actually the compiler already tells you what you are doing wrong. It produces error messages that are supposed to help you understand. Now sometimes they aren't easy to understand for beginners. But that doesn't mean they are totally useless. In particular it's hard for us to tell you what your problem is without them. So post the error messages.