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i m retrieving the value which is ...

1. radiobutton group in grid layout

I have a portal application. from controller, a Linkedhashmap i want to display in my jsp page as radiobuttons in grid layout. I am using NETUI radiobuttongroup in jsp. But it ...

2. Resetting fields in a form via radio button selection in a JSP

I am wanting to be able to use a radio button on a form to disable all the editable fields on that form and reset their values (if they were changed) back to what they were when the page was originally loaded (similar to reset, but I don't want the radio button to change). The effect is that when the form ...

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9. Radio Button Selection

I have one dyanamic form with multiple questions and answers, answers are of radio button types. When user selects thje radio button in one question, the other questions radio button gets deselected. How can I put one radio button group for one question and other radio button for another set of question and so forth. here is my code. ** while({ ...

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11. Radio button value null in servlet

12. Radio button value null in servlet

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14. how to get radio button value

How to get radio button value which is selected by the use of request.getParameter(); I am getting null value here. Below is my code for radio button:

Base Component:

15. get value from radio button

16. get value from radio button

17. How can i get selected radio button value using jsp

Hi, I am trying to get selected radio button value using jsp.Actually am displaying my database value through radio button using jsp.I need to selected radio button value and am also need to text box value through submit button at the same time. Finally the selected value transfer into another one jsp page.I can able to get dynamic text box value ...

19. get the radio button value in three differnt jsp

hiii.. i hv some radio buttons on my jsp page ... say "jsp parent" i want three buttons on "jsp parent" .each button would lead you to a different jsp page ... suppose first button would forward the user to "jsp1" second on "jsp2" and third on "jsp3".... i want to get the selected radio button value .. when i click ...

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23. How values of a radio button selected can be retained

BE/B.Tech MCA/M.Sc ME/M.Tech Phd other The above code i have written for a radio button menu. Now when i refresh the page the "BE/B.Tech" value gets selected. ...

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26. Already selected radio button in one jsp enable when come back from other j

if(ans.equals("add")) { result = num1 + num2; } if(ans.equals("sub")) { result = num1 - num2; } if(ans.equals("mul")) { result = num1 * num2; } if(ans.equals("div")) { result = num1 / num2; } System.out.println(" * * * * * * "); System.out.println(" O U T P U T "); System.out.println(" * * * * * * "); System.out.println("Entered First Value is : ...

27. Radio Button in JSP Page