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1. Repopulating Table Driven Drop Down


  1. A user fills out my JSP form by selecting his/her state from a drop down list. (The drop down list is populated from a database)
  2. The user hits "Next" on my form to ...

2. Information sent in an HTML form

I've a HTML file that shows to the user the contents of a database (it is shown as a table). The user can choose one of the rows.When this is done ...

3. Table changes depending on dropdown list values with servlet

What I want to realize is the following: In a JSP x I have a 3 dropdownlists and a button called edit when user click this button a table dynamically should ...

4. How to access the selected value of drop down menu in display table

I have a table in my jsp page which contains a dropdown menu in one column.How do I access the selected value in those drop down

5. Get text and form data from and html table and use it for a servlet

It there a simple way to read text from an html table using Java. I want to use that data from the table to create objects and store in a database. ...

6. Help deleting fields from an HTML table

So I am not sure exactly how to tag this one, but basically I have a dynamically loaded HTML table, that contains values that will can be deleted, currently I am ...

7. Passing table values in Dojo form to java servlet

I am looking to pass parameter values from my dojo form to a java servlet. I am able to connect to the servlet but I cannot extract the parameters of my ...

8. Delete table records using checkbox in jsp

P: 13 ramprakashjava hi, i hav "java.lang.NullPointerException" error while Deleting table records using checkbox in jsp here i enclosed files help quickly plzzz.. Regards Ramprakash /*Adminpage.jsp*/ <%@ page language="java" import="java.sql.*"%> ...

10. Checkbox in a data_table

11. Table driven form

What I want to do is have a table in which I should store all table names, field names and the HTML should be generated off this table. I will expect HTML/jSP to handle data types correctly. In my project, I have senerios where I can have different layout of tables and want to avoid having 4000 HTML forms(that is the ...

12. reload a table from a selection drop down

Hey! This is probably something really simple but I have spent waaayyy to much time on and can't see the solution at the moment. I am including a jsp page inside of another jsp page. The include page has a warehouse selection box and a table. The table is initially loaded with all warehouse values. When the warehouse selection box changes ...

14. Checkbox inside table in JSP

15. How to insert selectd checkbox record from jsp in table?

I am giving my JSP pge. <%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <%@ page import="DAO.ProductsDAO,java.util.ArrayList,Beans.Products" %> <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="p" %>

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18. insert checked checkbox into table