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The text area value I am trying to submit is around 400 chars and the value the servlet gets is null. When I limit this down to less that 75 chars ...

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My java webapp fetches content from a textarea, and e-mails the same. The problem I'm facing is that the newline character in the textarea message is not preserved when reading the same ...

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       out.print("<textarea name='test' id='test'value='"+uabout+"'></textarea>");


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I tried to use JMeter to send HTTP request. One of the input field is a textarea. each line in this text area need to be passed in. How do I ...

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Hi, I saw one of the post regarding textarea formatting. I need a clear idea of how to retain the format entered in the text area . The data entered goes to the database and i retrieve it from the database. I don't know whether it goes with new line characters or not becoz if i write Hi, This is your ...

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Hi, You probably all have posted messages on this forum.text is entered in textArea forms and when you type a new line it is automatically transfered with the textarea form value text... i want to implement this same behaviour : i have a jsp page with a form having a textarea . when i submit the form i want to have ...

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Can you input something for testing what you store in mysql? Please input the following characters through a textarea in a html and save these characters to MySql. Input AAA Press enter for starting a new line. Input BB Then read the stored data into a String s and use the following program to output String s; // read your stored ...