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1. Pass a parameter from one jsp to another using form.action

I have an ID that I need in the next jsp once the user click a button. I am trying to do the following: FirstJSP.jsp: function getSecond() { ...

2. programmatically put the calling servlet into the action of an HTML Form

in a controller servlet I have the doGet as

protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res) throws ServletException, IOException {
  RequestDispatcher view = req.getRequestDispatcher("views/insert_item.jsp");
  view.forward(req, res);
in the view insert_item.jsp I want ...

3. How can I invoke multiple actions from a single form?

I have a jsp file in which I have a form. It shows data about an "account" data structure we have. There's a button to remove the data from ...

4. how to pass checked radio button part to action from jsp

<table style="width: 100%; margin-left: 5px;" align="center">
    <td style="width: 250px; ">
    <input type="radio" name="radio1" id="radio1" onclick="chkOut();" /> Create Child Component </td>
 <input ...

5. FORM ACTION does not go to wanted method in servlets

I am trying to get info from the html form from my servlet. My problem is I cant get to wanted method by click() method on my servlet. my servlet is on package ...

6. What should the Form action do for EJB call?

Hi, I'm calling an ejb from my jsp. Since I need to get an employee ID and a Doctype variable from the user, I will use a combobox and a textfield. I will retreive the variables and pass them to the business method for the ejb. My question is since I have to use an html form to get my user's ...

7. form action question???

Ok, for a form action, I want to redirect a page to itself, passing parameters. The problem is that the name of the page will be dynamic or generic where I wont be able to tell wehta the name is. For example a page called test.jsp has a line that is liek the following...

The action will return to ...

8. Broken Link in form-action

9. Retrieve the Form action name

10. one form, three actions?

Hi, This is really very basic question but I am not clear. This is my signIn.jsp file: signIn.jsp If you are a new user then click on sign up button
If you are registered user then enter username and password and click on sign in button
If you are registered user but don't remember the ...

11. Action form is not populated while using html:form enctype="multipart/form-data"

I am using struts and in my jsp i am using the tag in my jsp where i am using attribute enctype="multipart/form-data" coz i gotta upload a file. along with that i also have a text field in the same html form. So because of the enctype tag, the text field is also getting encrypted and my actionform is not getting ...

12. form action and url pattern

17. start a function in the action of a form doen't work

Hi everybody, i got a problem. I try to start a function that opens another class in a form tag. before i start this i make an output, but even this wouldn'T work. Is there a synthaxerror or am i just to dump for this. Eclipse don't mark any errors, but in the tomcat nothing happens, when i click on the ...

18. accessing a servlet through form action