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1. Form Authentication on Website

Here is how our Tomcat webserver is currently setup. We are using jsp for the webpages.

  • /webserverpath/main (all public pages and the login page)
  • /webserverpath/secure1 (private pages)
  • /webserverpath/secure2 (private pages)
  • /webserverpath/secure3 (private pages)
I ...

2. Confusion in form based authentication in java

Could anyone please tell me, how can I handle the j_security_check servlet in Form based authentication in java? Do I have to map the servlet class with j_security_check name in web-xml file ...

3. What's recommended for authentication check? Servlet Filters or Form based authentication?

We are working implementing Single Sign On(SSO) using pingfederate. The basic implementation uses a login token sent via browser cookies for checking user authentication. What's the recommended way of ...

4. IE7 form authentication after ntlm authentication failed

I have a problem with authentication:

  • Users that have valid domain credentials are logined using NTLM authentication (i send "WWW-Authenticate: NTLM " header and 401 status in my jsp filter. Then IE ...

5. Java Servlets, JAX-RS - Having problems getting forms based authentication working

I'm using JAX-RS Jersey as my controller and the JSP's for my view. Here is an example:

public class HomeController {

    private HttpServletRequest request;


6. how to call a form based authentication from curl or wget

I want to call an url using curl and wget I tried wget --save-cookies cookies.txt --post-data 'user=foo&password=bar' wget --load-cookies cookies.txt -p But the login form is not ...

7. Form authentication in a servlet and transfer the session cookie to browser in order avoid typing password

Is that possible to do the form authentication(protected by session cookie) in a servlet then transfer the session cookie on user's browser in order to let the user have a silent ...

9. Advice on form-authentication

10. using jsp:setProperty bean with FORM authentication

Hello All, I have a suitable web application in which I have form authentication using normal specified j_username, j_password stuff.. When the user is authenticated, I want to set my Java Bean Class property to these values (assuming in my Bean Class named I have two variables namely String userName, String password) normally one can do this (without form authentication) ...

11. Form based authentication

I'm doing a sample example for form based authentication by using tomcat4.1 web server. for that one i wrote some users and corresponding passwords in tomcat_users.xml. i created two jsp's 1.default.jsp 2.login.jsp In default.jsp page i'm taking the username and password and those values passing to login.jsp. In login.jsp i'm taking those values from default.jsp and checking those values in userDatabase ...

12. Form Based Authentication

13. Session and form based authentication

14. Log-in "directly" when using form authentication

I'm using form authentication in a toy project of mine. This works fine - you try to access a protected page, the login form is shown, you log-in and move on. There's a little variation I'm thinking of, and was wondering if it's possible: I want a little login form to be placed at the top of the home page, so ...

15. Form Based Authentication

Hi, I am using form based authentication, running tomcat web server. What i need is to know when any user authenticates himself correctly. Is there any listener i can define. Because so far i only know when user fails to authenticate (sent to error page) or when he tries to authenticate (thus i present the login page) I want to know ...

16. JSP Form-Based Authentication - - - Java Noob