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1. Form Bean not holding values across JSPs

Hi all, I have created a form which spans multiple JSP pages, but uses the same form bean each time. The problem is that unless each jsp contains form fields for ALL the data contained within the ActionForm, the data is not passed from JSP page to jsp page. Only the data contained in the most recent page is set, and ...

2. Form Beans necessary?

There is not a problem. I am just wondering about standards. If I do any validation on the server side, I would like to be able to retain values on the Form so that is why I think I might need a Form Bean for my forms. But I am just curious as to what the norm is for this process. ...

3. converting a form bean to value object

To elaborate on my question, i have a html form bean, i want to seperate the business login in the ejb. To call a ejb method I need to send a value object that has all the fields of the html form. Please give me the code example. Thanks & Regards, Rashmi.

4. Beans and Form processing

5. Generating a Dropdown from a bean to a JSP

Stewart, Two tips that should help you to get assistance more easily: 1.) If you're going to post more than a line or two of code, wrap the code in UBB tags. There is button in the edit screen that will help you to generate the tags. The UBB Code tags will preserve your indenting, making it much easier for us ...

6. Usings beans with forms

Hello Is it posible, in the same jsp, to set a bean property using a form and after to get that property in the same jsp What's wrong? I got my page redirected to a servlet, It doesn't print out the property Log says that Bean is initialized Thanks in advaced This it what I have tried. ...

7. Form bean query

8. nullifying a bean value if a form field is empty

Ok. I got my bean working. Still not sure about all that case sensitivity stuff, but its working so I'm ok for now. Here's my next question on beans. The first time I submit my form a value gets stuck into the bean. Now, if a field is empty it will be null. This is fine, it will work great for ...

9. call vector form bean to jsp

10. JSP -> Servlet and form bean.

13. Bean setters not invoked when no data entered in form fields

Bean setters not invoked when no data entered in form fields ======================================= I began by coding the Emp JavaBean in the usual way. The hardcoded values are debugging. The Problem : If I enter data into the form fields then the JSP displays 9999 and DEFAULT. OK. If I do not enter data into form fields or use the Delete key ...

14. How do I set a bean value from a dropdown?

I have the following form, myform.html: A Drop Down

How Deep?:
I want ...

15. Change Drop Down from Other JSP/Servlet/Bean