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I have the following form setup:


<form method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="FileUpload">
        <th>WEX SI Online Validation</th>

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hey thnx frnds 4 d answer but no output is displaying when i am pressing viewdetails button, i am giving my pages here plz have a look at it: -----index.jsp----- //In this page ...

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I have a simple form (ex. survey.jsp) with text boxes and radio buttons. I am processing the form in another jsp page (ie. no beans, servlets etc.):

The textboxes are working fine. However, anytime I try to submit the form with a blank radio group, I receive a server 500 error. Here's what I have tried: form element: ...

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I have a form which when submited displays a list of items back in the same page. If a user clicks on the Back button in IE, a question is asked informing of stale data and requesting a re-submission of the form. How can I prevent IE from giving the message and not resubmitting the form? Thanks in advance.

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Hey, javascript can call the Java function. Here I am giving you an example. :-) Write your method inside the declaration tag which is public String displayResult(){ retrun "IBM"; } On click of the button, write a javascript function named testJava() and inside this javascript function, give your variables like var result = "call your method (displayResult) within expression tag"; if ...

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Second drop down won't, because every time the page is loaded it's populated with dynamic values. So may be you could somehow store the selected index from the 2nd drop down, when the user navigates to the next page hyperlink, now when you are back the previous page retrieve the stored index and use that. Could you show the code how ...