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1. How to stop html textarea from interpreting html entities into their characters

I have an html textarea that is used to display a string from a database. The textarea can be edited and any changes are saved to the database. The problem is that ...

2. Chinese character in jsp to servlet form

hi all, we have small Web application move from eclipse + tomcat + mysql to NetBean+ glassfish + mysql we get the input Chinese character problem. in the jsp form we ...

3. Textarea is not accepting more than 1450 characters

Hi All, I have a form that contains a text area. When huge paragraphs of data is entered in the text area, text breaks and junk characters are received after 1450 characters, but if the text is small there is no problem. Application Server: Websphere Help required ASAP Thanks in advance Suchitra

5. TextArea Max Characters

I have the following form:

The Contact You Are Working With:
Email List :( seperate each address with a comma) 70

7. Reading mixed chars (characters from various charset) from one single form.

Hi experts, I have a screen where user can supply any character in a textarea. A char may be ascii char or some japanese char. On the server side I am trying to read input string by request.getParameter() method; And then I am setting this string into a preparedstatement to store value in database. I have mentioned charset of html page ...

10. Prevent Non-English Characters on JSP forms

That in itself isn't a Java Programming question because Java has nothing to do with HTML and web forms. You might be able to do that with Javascript (which as you may know isn't Java). However doing that might annoy your users. Perhaps you should fix up your back-end application so the question goes away?