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1. problem with JSP checkbox

Possible Duplicate:
How to set checked Checkbox based on database record?
I would like to raise a question about JSP checkbox I want to loop the subscription ...

2. Checking Status of a Checkbox

if you expect to see "true" or "false" printed out, then shouldn't you be outputting blnCheckBoxNameChecked ? If you expect the checkbox itself to return a value, then you need to supply one in its value attribute As it stands now, a checked checkbox will return an empty string, and an unchecked one will return null, which when ...

3. Check Box with Jsp:How-To

I have check boxes whose values r coming from database. I wanna check which of them are checked on another page. How ?i m attaching my code. It gives only one cheked value.... ---------------------------------- <% while ({ %>

"> <%=rs.getString("pub_name")%>

4. Problem on detecting the checkboxes

5. getParameter on checkbox returning null even though it's checked!

I did search for help in other threads like this one: However, my problem cannot be resolved by that information. My JSP has a form, and when it's submitted, some JSP code at the top of the page handles it with this: if(request.getMethod().equalsIgnoreCase("POST")) { etc, etc. Most of the form fields are being extracted on the back end in a ...

6. How do I maintain the state of checkboxes across page?

hi, thanks for the reply. But.. how can I go about doing this? I'm really really lost. I know how to use session to store information to pass to other pages, but I can't seem to do the same for this. Basically, I have 2 files to handle. One file (displayPages.jsp) does the displaying and paging of all the data. Each ...

7. Check Box

8. jsp - checkbox information retieval problem

hey i need some help! I have a jsp which has a list of checkboxes to select from. I want to know how i can display the selected checkboxes using another jsp. Please illustrate if u can = My jsp is given below!

Item Description

9. I need help with Checkboxes

Guys, I searched the forum for info on checkboxes and I did not find anything specific to my problem. I have 2 files, a HTML and a JSP. The HTML calls the JSP and passes it parameters. I grab these parameters in my JSP and make use of it using request.getParameter("Name of form element"). On my HTML page I have 2 ...

10. how to get state of non checked checkboxes

Hi, I am facing a situation where i need to get states of non checked checkboxes besides checked one, as in my db all non checked will be stored as 'N' and all checked as 'Y'. Considering the fact that user can anytime make a checkbox state from on to off . I need to capture and update the db accordingly ...

12. strange checkbox problem

i have a jsp page which shows dynamic rows generated according to the query made by the user.At the end of each row is a checkbox which user can check to select that record. The problem is- the last row checkbox in the page always passes value no matter it is checked or not and the value passed is always blank ...

13. checkboxes and deleting records

14. Checkbox response

15. checkboxes

16. checkbox

The problem is that if a checkbox is unchecked, the value does not get passed to the server on submition. Eg: If this box is unchecked, request.getParameter("myCheckbox") will return null, as if the control is not even on the page. You have to explicitly check if your parameter returns a null value in order to know if the ...

17. Regarding CheckBox

18. multiple checkbox

22. DisplayTag & Checkbox

23. Problems with checkbox

24. Does this work for checkbox ?

25. checkbox / null pointer exception

In a jsp page I have a set of checkboxes if any checkbox is checked then that row will get deleted. If none of them are checked then I am getting null pointer exception in my client Action page where I am getting the parameters. Due to some reason I can't force user to click atleast one from javascript.

26. processing Checkboxes in MVC

27. remember me check box not working

Hi Everybody! I am trying to put a 'Rememeber me'check box in logon page and based on the value of check box I am setting the cookie in the next page. But while doing this I am checking whether the check box checked true or not in the function of checkbox which is called on onChange event. If it is true ...

28. How to generate a tree structure with check boxes in JSP

Hi All, I'm new one here, kindly excuse any mistakes. The problem is, I'm trying to generate a tree structure with checkboxes in a form. The data read is from an XML file. For example: [] being a checkbox +[]ALL +[] Category 1 +[] Category 2 -----------------------------When expanded +[]ALL +[] Category 1 -[] apples -[] oranges +[] Category 2 -[] roses ...

29. Delete Multiple rows using checkbox

30. Remember Password Check box

31. ask 'bout checkbox again(array)

32. checkbox in jsp! urgent!!!!!!!!

33. servlet and checkbox state

34. check boxes and servlets

Hello, I need to tell a javabean (NOT AN EJB) that a true/false value has changed. I have a servlet/bean/jsp combo that populates an html form. The form has a set of checkboxes that are defalultly checked/unchecked based on a boolean flag located in a database. I need to be able to tell the database when those boolean values have changed(have ...

35. Checkboxes in servlets?

Hi everyone. I have a little problem here. Working on a page with a whole lot of checkboxes. I now want to make another checkbox on the top that by marking will mark the first 150 checkboxes as checked. After signing them the customer should be able to go back and check the checkboxes from 150 to 300 with just this ...

36. Checkboxes and Servlets

Hi Ruilin, yes - there are not individual objects... they are like this 14 Material classes - each class has materials - about 125 of them therefore- u have a servlet that creates checkboxes based on 14 resultsets.... so u have 14 checkbox objects based on matclass - for example - 'animal' is one. this returns a couple of checkboxes with ...

37. checkbox in JSP

39. checkbox in jsp

40. multi check boxes in jsp

41. JSP+Checkbox - Urgent !!

42. how checkbox works in servlets?

43. Remembering the radiobtn/checkbox state between jsp pages

Radio buttons and checkboxes that are checked when the form that contains them is submitted will send a name/value pair to the server. Radio buttons and checkboxes that are unchecked will send nothing. Form parameters are retrieved with the HttpServletRequest.getParameter(String) method; the String argument being the name. If the name argument doesn't match any form parameters, getParameter will return null. This ...

44. jsp page checkbox issue

I have a checkbox that has a default value of CHECKED. When the user unchecks this box and clicks calculate and the page reloads with the changed data, the checkbox is turned back on. How do i stop this? <% if (summaryLevelData) { %>

> <%=Language.getLabel("AUTOINVEST",request)%>

45. how to delete the row on click of a checkbox instantly ?

Hi all, Can anybody tell me how to make a row disappear on click of checkbox and clicking or submiting the form. I have a form which shows the data from a table in the database in tabular fashion(row and columnwise).And corresponding to one column i have associated a checkbox fro each row of the datable.So when i select one or ...

47. Adding new checkbox in JSP

48. Status of Checkbox with JSP

49. Checkbox functionality using JSP

50. Checkbox Isuue

Hi i am using pure jsp, servlets and Hibernate.I am not using any tag library or struts. I have a one form in this form i have a 4-5 check boxes. my question is How to insert the checkbox value in the database ? My POJO file is ..... public boolean isBwTVFlag(){ return this.bwTVFlag; } public void setBwTVFlag(boolean bwTVFlag){ this.bwTVFlag = ...

51. Delete Multiple rows using checkbox

52. Checkbox Issue

Hi everyone, I am developing Hotel Management System, which is only JSP,Hibernate for connectivity and mysql for backend. in my one jsp Room Reservation page i have a list of checkboxes which is dynamically created from the Facility Table.In this page i am selcting room and checkboxes etc & save and that all data are display in the table format on ...

54. CheckBox

Thank you for giving attention on my question..let me explain in detail.

    <% for (int i = 0; i < itemList.size(); i++) { Item itm=(Item )itemList.get(i) ; %>
  • <%} %>
This is my code from which i am creating a checkbox. Now my problem ...

56. checkbox in jsp

hi, i am storing all the values of check boxes in the database. However the point is how should i retain the state of the selected check box whenever i am logging in by the same id. do i have to use any client side scripting or what , i am bit confused??

57. Updation on checkboxes in JSP

58. Multi row , multi column checkbox form processing in JSP

Hi, I have to write part of a code that deals with displaying data from a database to the user. After the user selects one or more of the rows (using checkbox here). i need to catch the values. Here is what i wrote for the form.

$(var.a) $(var.b) $(var.c)

59. Checkbox Related Issue

Hello, I am facing a problem and that is as Follows : After giving valid Login ID and Password I entered into an Application. There I selected a tab and Went to the next page.There I selected some by clicking on the Drop down Box and click on "Search Button". After clicking on the Search button the results displayed like a ...

60. help me in this JSP checkbox code

61. Maintain checked checkbox status

62. how to set the "remember me" checkbox in the jsp

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