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I try to excute the servlet code given, like an exemple to understand how it works. BUT I did not understand from where the attribut optionDAO and what is the necessity to ...

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<form action="Test1.jsp" method="post">

<select name="source" onchange="">
<option value="rss">RSS LINK</option>
<option value="other">OTHER LINK</option>

Enter URL to be added   <input type="text" name="url" size=50>

Enter the Source Name of the ...

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I tried searching for my question in SO and found most of the answers for .Net and not for Java. So asking this question again. How to create a cascading dropdown in JSP? ...

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I am creating a dropdown like this:

private String createSampleListBox(String lblStr1) {

        DropDown sampleListBox = new DropDown();  

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I have a select dropdown list in my JSP. I am populating it from a database using a Stored Procedure. On the same Page I am having another dropdown generated using ...

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Hello I'm filling a drop down list with info from a database. The info from the database is pretty long. Each item expands the drop down list across the screen. I was wondering if there was a way to 'word wrap' the information so that the dropdown list didn't expand across the whole screen. Here is the code i have.

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hai i have two dropdown menu(combo box) in a jsp page.i getting value for the menu from the database. i want when i select first menu onchange i have to cahnge second menu from the database. based on first select value i have to select from database. is it possible. pls. give me some sample code,using javascript and JSP. tables are ...

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tony_al Welcome to the Java Ranch, we hope youll enjoy visiting as a regular however, your name is not in keeping with our naming policy here at the ranch. Please change your display name to an appropriate name as shown in the policy. Thanks again and we hope to see you around the ranch!! As far as your question, keep in ...

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hi, can anyone help me how to make a drop down editable.. In the sense user must be able to select a particular option from the drop down as well as must be able to enter his own desired value... Also the values that are in the drop down list are populated from the database.... the user must also be able ...

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Hi All, I have one jsp page,here i have some triggers like w1,w2,w3,w4.These are hyperlinks.If i click any one trigger one more jsp will appear.In that i have one field like countrycode.It is drop down box,here am getting the values from database.If i selected any one countrycode from dropdown box,this countrycode name is automatically forwarding to other triggers also.FOr all triggers ...

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Hi please tell me How to make drop down list item/value/message static(should show the same value) while comming from other .jsp pages. in other words, i have a drope down list in the first page. and i am commming back to edit the drop down list from 3rd jsp and now i want to show what i have selected earliar to ...

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Hi... My form contains 2 dropdown lists(1 for companies and other for its locations)that are dynamically generated based on the number of companies entered by user.I am able to get the first list but the problem is in obtaining the second because values of the location list is based on the output of the first list. thanks in advance,

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Hello, I've been google-ing and searching for the answers to my problem but no luck so far. I have a JSP application with MySQL database, and one of the form has cascading dropdown list. So here is how the page works. There are 2 dropdown list: Term List and Class List. When the page is loading, it will populate the term ...

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Dear All, I need some help in JSP , I have a simple table in the database containing 10 records , when I query this table it returns 10 records which I display on the html table in the JSP page , now my difficulty is that I need to add a drop down in front of every record , the ...

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Hi, I want to empty one drop down when we click on the reset button. Actually the drop down is getting populated from db when click one button.Before that it is empty.So on clicking reset I want to make it empty again. How can i do it? I think we can make use of javascript. Please help me. Aashu

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First of all, this is my first post and I would like to apologize in advance for any specific forum etiquette that I may fail to observe. I have been working, as a term project, on a web application that is based on the three tier model (JSP - Web Server Frontend (GlassFish) / Controller (Java Servlets) / Database (mysql)). The ...

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Hi Folks, Im developing a jsp page where I set the value obtained from a dropdown to insert into a database. Im using java script to fetch the value of the dropdown in the jsp , and then use the value for processing in the servlet. Im able to pass the value of the dropdown successfully here . Its something like ...

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<%@ page import="java.util.*,java.sql.*,java.text.SimpleDateFormat" %> <%@ page language="java" %> <%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8" %> <%@ page import="com.ibm.itim.common.AttributeValue"%> <%@ ...