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actually my problem is... i using dropdown list in my jsp page. this dropdown list will have in a for loop. example....

   int count1=0;
   for(int i=0;i<5;i++) {

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I would like to ask a question I want to show 3 drop down list in one JSP page, where the the second drop down list is based on the selected value in ...

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I have a strange issue with dropdown boxes in jsp/servlet. Here it is...

  <select name="locdropdown" onchange="javascript:change()" > 
for(LocationDO locationDO : locationList){%>
<option value=<%=locationDO.getLocationName().trim()%>><%=locationDO.getLocationName().trim()%></option> 
<%} %>
values displayed are:
 BI Sholingar
 BI Mahindra ...

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In my web app,a customer object has fields related to credit card info

public class Customer {
    private String ccType;
    private Date ...