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I want to copy one form elements into another

<a href="#" onClick="copySelectedOptions(document.forms[0]['lstusr'],document.forms[0]['lstto'],false);return false;"> 
It is already written in PHP. I want it in JSP.

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Please refer follwoing script. What I am trying here is to build up an update based on textfield newpassword in the form. Seems the update statmt does not get constructed right. Seems many examples where we embed scriplets in form elements. Here I am creating a scriplet that refers a form element value. How I can I do that? <% String ...

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Ah, so you only want the names associated with checkboxes that are actually checked, correct? In that case, you'll probably need to get some JavaScript involved to disable and input elements that you don't want to send. Another possibility is to gang up both the is and the name in the value of the checkbox using some delimiter that you use ...