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1. html to jsp email form post - null parameters

I have a simple form form action="email.jsp" method="post"

        <label for="firstname">Your Name: </label>

2. File uploading and email in JSP

I need to make a simple page in JSP. I've never worked in JSP before ever. I have a form that has two fields: one is a file upload field and the ...

3. can we include both a file type and text in a form in sending email using jsp

I'm developing an email program using JSP. In that I need to send data as well as upload file.

<form name="email" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" action="/servlet/sendmail">
  <input type="file" name="namefile" size="40">
  <input type="text" ...

4. Trouble uploading Attachment with mail in jsp... full path required?

I'm using jsp to send a mail using SMTP. For attachment i'm using MultiBodyPart. One part for the msg and another for the file. The file is selected from html .The jsp page ...

5. JSPs/netbeans Qs: email include page in body, rich text area

-------------------------------------netbeans 1-HOW CHANGE xhtml page type eg 1.0 Strict, and how change default? 2-To enter netbeans interface, to DESIGN JAVA GUI(desktop app) components, what do? -------------------------------------JSPs 1-Jsp lang(or any associated framework) ...

6. Securing email forms

7. Send email with Form values

I have a form that has around 20 field values that need to be emailed to someone. I have sent emails before using JavaMail on my Tomcat 4.1.27 container. I assume there is a better way to send all 20 values besides forwarding each value to the JavaMail program? Please advise best way to do this.