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I am new to jsp.I have a basic knowledge about Core java and i need to get expertise in jsp too.So please give me a jsp tutorial for beginers Thanks Tony

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I have used a workflow-send button to submit form data in XML format to a JSP file. However, it saves data as a PDF as opposed to XML string. I know it ...

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Hi all, I have created a PDF form using the acrobat writer. In the acrobat writer there is an option to insert a button, which when clicked can submit data. When i try to submit the page to a jsp it gives me a "general error".. What my question is - Is it possible to transfer the pdf data from the ...

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Hi guys , I am running on project which is online form project ,a user will submit the form online so I will take that form and save it in my PC as pdf file , how can I achieve. I have tried to use iText library , but the problem is that it converts the content of the html (including ...

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