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1. JSP drop down list | Page refresh

This is how I have implemented the

<select name="doctype" id="doctype" class="textarea" onchange="fillLabel()">
        DocumentManager documentManager = new ...

2. Refresh a combo box!

Bruno, welcome to the Ranch. Please be advised that it is considered a no-no to post the same question in multiple forums. I am closing this topic. All responses should be made in the cross-post you made in the HTML forum. bear [ October 21, 2003: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]

3. Propgating the form values from one form to another without refreshing the form

Hi! From one form (ex: Form_A), by selecting a radio button another form (ex: Form_B) is opened for some data entry. After closing the second form (i.e., Form_B) how to transfer the entered values to the first form (i.e., Form_A) without refreshing the first form (i.e., Form_A). Thanks in advance. Geethanadh K

4. Refreshing a particular form

Hi, I have a .jsp page where I have two forms. I fetch data from the first form and display it in the second form by onSubmit from the first. For a particular onclick event of the second form, I have to pass values only from the second form and get the second from refreshed. i.e., The first form should hold ...

7. How to keep selected radio button after page refresh

Hi all, I have a radio button group with 3 radio buttons, when I select a particular radio button each one of them will transfer the control to another jsp page, performs some calculations and returns to the caller jsp page, but when I return my radio button is not checked. How can i keep it selected. I tried taking the ...

9. Form action - Refresh

Hi All, I have a JSP. Whenever, we submit the JSP and with all the fields filled, it inserts a new record in the DB. Following is the form tag

However, whenever the user presses the Refresh icon from the toolbar or does a right-click + refresh, it calls the action which inserts a new record in ...