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1. Select drop down value retrieval

I have the following data

   <select  class="small" name="test"><option  value="1">a</option>
i want to print 'a' how can i do it? request.getparameter(test) gives me the selected value like 1

2. Capture multiple check box selection JSP Parameters

I found this post that shows how to pass multiple check box selections to another JSP page, but it's not working for me. When I try to get the ...

3. Change what search box is searching for via drop down

I currently have a "search box" in our admin navigation that is submitting to a searchOrdersAction.jsp page.

<tr align="left" valign="top">

4. how to retain selected value of dropdown in jsp

You have to save the values in session or submit those values as a parameter and during the page load you have to check for that value. Using scripts you can ...

5. get.paramater in form -selected index problem

i have page one (x.jsp): ------------------------ <%@ page import="*, java.util.*, java.text.*" %> Untitled <% HashMap Info = new HashMap(); Info.put("dobYr","1950"); %> <%= Info.get("dobYr") %>

the dobYr value gets passed to page two: (x-1.jsp) --------------------------- Untitled
<% String ...

6. multiple select dropdown

10. JSP code to select a drop down item

You will have to bring the data into the jsp as a map, and then 1. have a select field 2. loop thru the map keys and for each key add an option to the select field. 3. have an onChange() js event for the select field which will pick up the current key set in the select field, get its ...


17. how to add multiple selection from dropdown list

i am new in jsp. can any body give me an idea how i can add multiple selection from dropdown and added this multiple selection in one int field of database... e.g. drop down contens 0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7.... user has selected 3|5|6|7 added into database as 3|5|6|7 as per multiple selection. Thanks in advanced... ketan

18. Selection Drop Down Question

I am having trouble capturing a value from a select drop down list in a page where the user has multiple choices and the page sends back the city, state, zip, and a list of plans. The problem is that the city, state and zip are captured, but if the user selects any row other than the first, the drop down ...

19. SELECT list in forms

Please help!BACKGROUND ========== I have the SELECT item below in a form. OBJECTIVE ========= I want the option that the user selected before submission to remain selected after submission. Presently after submission, ...

21. Getting value from select in form

I have a form from which I can get the text values great. However, the select I can not seem to get the value from. Any ideas? lastName = request.getParameter("LastName"); password = request.getParameter("Password"); roleId = request.getParameter("roleID"); The last name and password work correctly. The roleID always comes back as null. Here is the form.

23. select values for second drop down

27. How to trace selected CheckedBoxes in different forms using a Single Servlet

let me more specific while trying to make a Shopping cart application i came across this problem that there are three different (html)forms for three different departments, a user can move back and forth at will , selecting the items (NOT DESELECTING) that were there in the form of checkboxes. and hits checkout button whenever he wants to logout(checkout button can ...

29. multi select drop down

35. how to select using check box

Hi, i attached my code which is actually not sure how to do what i need to do, im only new in programming still learning hope somebody will guide me on this ok what i need to do is to list all student in the student table then using check boxes select student that need to create for year 2010 in ...

37. Problem with selecting Check box in a jsp

I have a JSP page that dynamically lists records in a table from my database. At the left hand side of each row in the table, there are checkboxes for the user to select a particular record that he/she wants to do manipulation. Here we are showing 100 records per page and user can go to next page in which it ...

39. checkbox and select

41. Selected Checkbox in jsp pages