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1. Enable checkbox B only when checkbox A is enabled and the other way around    stackoverflow.com

I have a two columns of checkboxes with predictable names. How can I disable a checkbox in column B when the ones in column a is unchecked and only enable it ...

2. jsp tag library changes checkbox name?    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to use a select all checkbox to select a column of checkboxes. So I gave all the ones I want checked off at once the same name ABoxesElement so ...

3. which tag to use if i want to select an option from dropdown as wel as i can insert my own option    stackoverflow.com

which tag to use if i want to select an option from dropdown as wel as i can insert my own option. so using jsp can i do it? i m able ...

4. Unable to load tag handler class "org.apache.struts2.views.jsp.ui.FormTag" for tag "s:form"    stackoverflow.com

If I run my code in NetbeansIDE it shows the following error:

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /InvestorConfirm.jsp(53,12) PWC6032: Unable to load tag handler class "org.apache.struts2.views.jsp.ui.FormTag" for tag "s:form"
I downloaded ...

5. Get the selected value from a Select box and check that value against an array in the same form    stackoverflow.com

I'm new to JSTL/EL and JSP and can't seem to find a reference which covers the following scenario: I have an array of values in JavaScipt:

var Countries = ('US', 'CA');
I then ...

6. Can't access a property with when iterating a list    stackoverflow.com

In my Struts form I've got a list. In a JSP I iterate over it like this:

<c:forEach items="${MyForm.types}" var="type">

7. logic: equal with the contents of a hidden field    stackoverflow.com

I have a hidden field:

<input type="hidden" name="champs" id="champs">
I want do a <logic:equal> with the content of this field hidden, I tried the solutions but not work
<logic:equal name="virement" property="statut"  value='champs' >
just ...

8. Is it possible to add ajax to the struts2 tags ,textfeild or checkbox in jsp page using DOJO ? if yes how?    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to add ajax to the struts2 tags ,textfeild or checkbox in jsp page using DOJO ? if yes how ? Or if not what library should i use ...

9. view data form database table to table tag in jsp page    stackoverflow.com

I want to apply MVC2 J2EE approach in my work with JSP pages. I want to separate the code in Servlet and design in JSP. The problem I am facing is that I ...

10. In JSP, what do the path and value attribute do within the input tag, and how does the form prefix affect them?    stackoverflow.com

Just wanted a clear answer for a direct question -- google results have been all over the place or don't address the combos you'll see below. I'm generally a JSP newbie and ...

11. Problem in exporting to XLS using extrmenComponents having two tables in one form    stackoverflow.com

I am using extremeComponents for displaying data in a table form in JSP.I have two tables using the same form in the page.I want to use exportXLS function to export the ...

12. Display tag-column title needs to be a dropdown type    stackoverflow.com

I am using famous Display-tag for displaying data on my jsp page. I am able to display the table-data on the JSP and I am able to sort and paginate across pages. But ...

13. java bean href tag parameter comparing in jsp page form    stackoverflow.com

How can you compare value passed using href tag from java bean to jsp page to populate form. For example using href tag i am passing val1, val2 and val3 from ...

14. servlet for display div tag value according to changing combo box value    stackoverflow.com

I want to do in my project,In combo box there are all employee Id and according to employee Id there should be display timesheet of particular employee. Please help me. Thanks.

15. paasing from variable to java script and pass this javascript variable to jsp tag    stackoverflow.com

i want to pass the javascript variable to jsp tag. i dont know how to pass this value. And also i am looking for how to pass form hidden variable to ...

16. How to make Struts radio tag create a vertical list of radio buttons    stackoverflow.com

I'm using a struts radio tag that is being populated with a list of objects that have two fields:

class MyAction {
     List<MyObject> myList;

17. Insert data into database with jsp and go to next form    stackoverflow.com

I have three different forms(html) that are related each other, insert.jsp (process data that submit to db) and 1 table in database. I need to save the data to database and ...

18. Is there a Grails equivalent for the jsp form tags?    stackoverflow.com

I have an (as yet) simple Spring 3 MVC web-app using JSP as the view technology. I am considering rewriting it in Grails before I get too far along. One thing I ...

19. JSP custom tag and well-form-ness    stackoverflow.com

I am running into a problem that I think a demonstration of either JSP's ridiculous limitation, or my ridiculous ignorance. Can anyone shed some light? That would be very appreciated. In my ...

20. How can I use the liferay-ui:search-form tag to specify a JSP containing my search form?    stackoverflow.com

I have a JSP, say view.jsp, that's using the basic Liferay search container pattern:

  <liferay-ui:search-form page="..." />
Let's say view.jsp is in the docroot/jsp folder and that, in the ...

21. Submitting forms as a Collection Using the tag in Struts1.3    stackoverflow.com

Using Struts 1.3. Submitting forms as a collection using the <logic:iterate> tag I'd like to format multiple records of user to edit values. When the data is submitted back to the Action how ...

22. How can I submit a POST form using the tag?    stackoverflow.com

How can I submit a POST form to showMessage.jsp using just the <a href="..."> tag?

<form action="showMessage.jsp" method="post">
    <a href="showMessage.jsp"><%=n%></a>
    <input type="hidden" name="mess" value=<%=n%>/>

23. Drop down list alignment issue    stackoverflow.com

enter image description here enter image description here

<tr class="createrow1"  id="id1" style="display:none " >


24. converting jsp tags to the XML form - is everybody doing it?    coderanch.com

We are in the process of making changes to an existing jsp to use custom tags and I am curious to know how it is better to use XML style tags than JSP style tags. It would be easier doing this now than doing it later but I would like to have a convincing reason to do so. Thanks, vasu

26. problems with sending parameter with textarea tag    coderanch.com

in the form page I write: Upload your Topic/Item

Topic Name *)
Item Name: (*)
Description: nested inside a custom tag    coderanch.com

I don't understand you. What do you want to access, the name, cols and rows or the value that the user introduces in your text area? In the first case invoke the body and call the getters of that properties, in the second case use the normal request parameters (as I suppose this is part of a form)

35. How to set value of html textarea tag    coderanch.com