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1. Transmit value between servlets

I've written a html form to retrieve password and user name from users:

<form action="prueba-registro" method=get enctype=multipart/form-data>
User information
User name: <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="realname"><BR>
Password: <INPUT TYPE=PASSWORD NAME="mypassword">
This information is received in a ...

2. failing to retrieve multiple checked value from JSP

I'm trying to retrieve mulitple checked value, which are being showed in JSP dynamically, retrieved from inbox folder of the mail server, just like in yahoo, or gmail. But whenever I ...

3. I have a variable number of textboxes how do I retrieve their values in a servlet

I have a number of textboxes that will be displayed with their existing values. I want my servlet to be able to get all their values and then update the database ...

4. how to save the form values ,when user accidentally goes to next page

I am looking out for a better logic to save the form values entered by user, as the user accidently traverse to nextpage by clicking submit button.when he clicks on back ...

5. How to get dropdown value using jsp:useBean and jsp:setProperty?

I have a rather simple form in JSP that looks like this:

<form action="response.jsp" method="POST">

6. how to get values from a group ofcheckboxes?

i am trying to get values of checkboxes to insert them later on in database. It is ok that unchecked checkboxes will not be sent to my servlet but the problem that ...

7. Bind arraylist value to JSP dropdown list

I have a arraylist with some data. I need to bind that data to a dropdown list in JSP and get the selected index. Can any one help me for this? ...

8. How to check whether the form or value is set or not?

I'm creating a jsp form, once they submitted in the servlet i have to check whether the form is set or not. In PHP i use to check with the ISSET ...

9. how to retrieve values of various checkbox groups from one jsp page to another

Here's the sample code

<input type="radio" name="r1" value="A">
<input type="radio" name="r1" value="B">

<input type="radio" name="r2" value="X">
<input type="radio" name="r2" value="Y">
and so on
<input type="radio" name="r_" value="P">
<input type="radio" name="r_" value="Q">
Here I'd retrieved this radio button boxes from ...

10. re-fill form values in jsp

is it possible to redirect my jsp page to the same jsp page,with some form values filled in? like if I have first.jsp that contains a form, then I would want ...

11. How to set/get values of checkboxes from a servlet

This is more of a logic question. I have a checkbox on a webpage and I store its value from the servlet request parameters in a Boolean object (Java). The logic ...

12. jsp check box mulitple retaining the value after submiting

How to use multiple checkbox values to retian it values here is the code How to retain values (i.e checked status) when submit button is click

13. Need Help with check box values!

Thank you for your replies. Here is the relevant code in the java file and then the JSP page. Please help: public class Student implements{ private String[] jobType; public Student(){ jobType=new String[] { "1" }; } public void setJobType(String[] jobType){ this.jobType=jobType; } public String[] getJobType(){ return jobType; } } The relevant JSP code is : <%@ page import="java.sql.*" %> <%@ ...

14. jsp checkbox value conversion

15. the old form values

18. Help with values from a form

19. Dropdown values

23. JSP values (checkbox) - True or On

24. Retaining Retaining Drop down value

Hi, In my jsp page i am having 2 drop downs.after selecting first drop down value,which is coming from DB then request go to controller to fetch the second drop down box value and back to the same JSP...While it is coming back i have to retain my 1st drop down value as well as other field values... Please Help me ...

27. two values with one checkbox

28. collect values from a checkbox

Hey peep, I am very new to jsp/java and need some help. I have a form that has four checkbox's that has different values (which is pulled from the database). When I press the 'Compare' button, the page 'compare.jsp' is displayed.

"> "> ...

30. checkbox value to servlet

Originally posted by Ben Souther: In a checkbox, the value attribute holds the string that will be sent if the box is checked. By default it sends the string "on". What determines whether it is checked or not is the checked attribute. Example: Sends "on" Sends nothing

31. Using Values in a List form one JSP to Another

Originally posted by Steve Dyke: I am creating a list on my first JSP by typing in values, clicking a button an appending the value to a list. I would like to take this list from this JSP and populate a list on a second JSP. The first list establishes a main directory list. The second adds data to each category. ...

32. How to checkbox values in Servlet

33. how to fetch the value of the checkbox in jsp?

Hi everyone, Can anybody help me out how to get the value of the checkbox value in a variable using getparameter or anything else in jsp.. The scenario is like this,I have list of data that is displayed in tabular form(row n column wise)and those data are retrived from the database only..In one column,i have check boxes corresponding to each row.So ...

34. Values not poulating in the dropdown box.

Hi, I am actually referring this webpage to dynamically change the values in the dropdown. Here he values are given in the javascript itself. But what i am trying to do is take these values from the property file and setting it in the array. The values are not getting dispalyed in the down. Please see below the jsp code. Help ...

35. getting all values in form

36. Value in dropdown from servlet

37. value from servlet to dropdown in jsp

I want values in dropdown of my jsp page JSP page : <% Vector dept_Vect = (Vector)request.getAttribute("dept_Vect"); if(dept_Vect == null) { System.out.println("List of Departments are empty"); dept_Vect = new Vector(); //Just defensive } %>

EMP F NAME : ...

38. checkbox value to java class

39. Capturing form values in scriplet within the same JSP

The scriptlets in your JSP* execute on the server long before the resulting HTML is sent to the browser, where the form elements are interpreted, presented to the user, and allow input. Trying to get those value before they even exist obviously is not going to work. You might want to check out this article for a run-down on how JSP ...

42. Where to keep form value

44. Run time checkbox values

this is my requirement and number of answers are dynamically varies i.e for some question 2 answer so on the ui screen chk box1 --- answer1,chk box 2 ---answer2 should display , for some question 3 answer so on the ui screen chk box1 --- answer1,chk box 2 ---answer2, chk box 3 ---answer3 should display so to satisfy above requirement i ...

45. How to get default value to my dropdown list

Hi I am using a Dropdownlist in my Jsp page. Values are coming form Table. my problem is: the Last value(Harry) in the for loop is getting displayed as the default value in the dropdown list. I want to dispaly (--Select one--) as the default value when page loads. How to do this? my code goes here:

50. Retain drop down values in JSP

51. Retaining value of checkbox when returning back from a servlet

hello, I'm trying to retain the value of the checkbox when returning to the same servlet from another servlet. How can i implement it. Scenario: Servlet A has checkbox which post to servlet B then i want to go back to servlet A again and modify the checkbox that i selected before. So how do i maintain the previously selected checkboxes ...

53. how servlet reads check box values?