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and learnmore in specified in Can someone explain me how the given jsp page is defined.

1. Need to format a set of float variables to 00.00

Ok so I have a database colum 'UnitPrice' with a range of values example: 23, 23.5, 43.23 Now I need to know if there is a way to format them all to ...

2. Where do I specify default values for a Java bean that holds meta data to format a Month Calendar

I have a Java bean which stores what I am calling meta data (week start day, any holidays) that my JSP view will use to display a Calendar Month. I am ...

3. Displaying Images in Tumb Nails format in JSP

In my JSP Page , i am displying a single Image as shown .

<img src="http://your_host/servlet/BannerServlet?config_file"  width=125 height=125>
This works fine when i display a Single Image , but what if i ...

4. What is the IP format returned by ServletRequest.getRemoteAddr()

The Javadoc of ServletRequest.getRemoteAddr() does not mention anything about the format of returned IP addresses. This is annoying when implementing filters. What can we count on? Is there any ...

5. Source->Format not working for JSP in NB 7.0.1

6. Formatting help..

Hi, i'm writing the datas in a textarea.. suppose, i m writing in paragrarhs as i m writing here and having double spaces between lines.. finally saving the data into a database table.. The thing is whenever i retrieve the data from the table and display the thing in a HTML table, the output is not displayed as i typed.. i ...

7. Formatting help..

Just try to understand the following and pls help soon.. Suppose i m writing a letter in a textarea as follows: Hi all, How r u.. so so.. Pranit.. and saving the data is the database.. Next when i retrieve the data from the database and display the letter in a table column(td) the display is like this: ...

8. reporting in doc format

I have application server (Tomcat) running on linux machine. I create some report (I converted a word document to html ) which was basically in doc format to html format and used jsp to fill some data from database. This is working fine but the user wanted to change the report and edit it if needed Since it is in html ...

9. Display a set of data in graphics format.

Hi Bill, Thank you for your response. I did not really mean to generate an image like a photo. I mean to display the data using coordinates (x, y), and use a curve to connect the points; or to display the data using a chart. Ideally, the display should be dynamic. Can we make it, Bill?

10. Formatting JSPs

11. download data in the quanvert format

12. How do I format this query using JSP?

I have three tables ------------------------ BS_SESSION --------------- SESSION_ID SESSION_DATE BS_GROUP ----------------- GROUP_ID BS_CANDIDATE ------------------- CANDIDATE_ID GROUP_ID (FK) BS_REGISTRATION ----------------------- REGISTRATION_ID CANDIDATE_ID (FK) SESSION_ID (FK) REGISTRATION_DATE I would like to get some statistics based on group as below: Group 1 : 23 Group 2 : 0 Group 3 : 12 based on the record in BS_REGISTRATION in the time interval from SESSION_DATE. ...

13. Decimal formatting of

14. formatting amounts

15. formatting problem

17. jsp format problems

18. formatting timestamps for display

19. milliseconds to hh:mm:ss format

21. Best place to put formatting code?

I'm doing some volunteer work for the local school district. They have a database that holds video programming that can be broadcast into classrooms. Each video has a length that is stored in the database in seconds and is represented in the domain object as an Integer. On the presentation tier (JSP), we sometimes need to show this value as hh:mm:ss ...

22. JSP format

Cameron, It depends on what action you want the JSP to perform. Normally, you still need the usual tags if you want to present information to the user in a browser but, theoretically, a JSP could perform an 'invisible' task. The JSP compiler translates your JSP into a servlet which, at runtime, outputs all the plain HTML in your JSP ...

23. JSP formatting

24. Can Servlet out data as MS-WORD format?

25. Mailing List in (5*2) format

hi everybody...actually i'm designing a reports page (Mailing List) where i need to display the postal address of the members in (5*2) format...i.e reports should have 5 rows(or 5 members postal address) & two columns...i.e total of 10(5*2) postal address in one of now i'm able to display 5 members postal address in one page i.e one column only...when i'm ...

26. rendering JSP in XLS format

27. How to display records in Grid view format in Jsp

My servlet is like this :- query = "SELECT TITLE,AUTHOR FROM BOOK_DETAILS WHERE ISBN='"+text+"' "; Statement st = con.createStatement(); rs = st.executeQuery(query); while({ datalist.add(rs.getString("TITLE").trim()); datalist.add(rs.getString("AUTHOR").trim()); } Iterator itr ; for(itr=datalist.iterator();itr.hasNext();){ out.println(itr); } rs.close(); st.close(); // RequestDispatcher dis = request.getRequestDispatcher("SearchRes.jsp"); //dis.forward(request, response); } catch(Exception e){ System.out.println("Exception is ;"+e); } finally { out.close(); } request.setAttribute("data",datalist); } And when i try to retrieve the ...

28. MAC Address and System.out.format

30. Formatting a value

31. I want to display the details of employee. in prescribed format

<%@ page import="java.sql.*" %> <% Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); %>

The Details of Employee is:

The Employee details are..

<% Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:odbc:adm", "system", "suresh"); Statement statement = connection.createStatement(); String empno = request.getParameter("empno"); ResultSet resultset = statement.executeQuery("select name,emp_no,year,desig,basic,dearpay,basicpay,da,ndcps,da_arrears,pay_arrears,total from nmk where EMP_NO = '" + empno + ...

32. Trying to show a line chart in a JSP, in JPEG format...

JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.createLineChart("Saldos diarios", "ltimos 60 das", "Saldo diario", myDataSet, PlotOrientation.HORIZONTAL, ...

33. Why can I not save to jsp format?

35. Jsp formatted doubt

1. .(Toggle)call using Ajax function call, in the same way I have two coloums with number of rows as specified in the above row 1. In the third coloum I have a message after LearnMore ie define in