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1. Jsp default date format

Is it possible to change default formatting of Date object in JPS pages? Now I have some kind of formatting and I would like to change formatting without using fmt-tags, because ...

2. Formatting a Date in JSP

From my JSP Page, I am getting Date in this format.

Fri May 13 2011 19:59:09 GMT 0530 (India Standard Time)
How can I convert this to ...

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4. Date Format Problem And Hashtable ......

Actually, a better place to ask this sort of question would be the "Intermediate Java" questions forum, since it's not specific to JSPs. But as long as we're here - On the first question, you can reformat a date string as a string operation, as Napa Sreedhar illustrates. If you plan on doing any sort of computations with it, however, you ...

5. Strange date format problem

Hi, I have a JSP page which runs a query, stores the results in a Vector, and then spits them out in a specific order on the page, my problem is that the date comes out of the database in the format of: yy-MM-dd and I want dd-MM-yy, so using SimpleDateFormat I have included this in my code, but instead of ...

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7. Date Format

Hi, I'm getting the date from the database into dropdown menu, and selecting the date in dropdown menu I want to generate the report daily, weekly and monthly . I'm using MSAccess DB. The problem is In my database the date format is dd/mm/yyyy.when in the jsp file its showing July-15-2004.So, i'm unable to generate the report.Please help me, what method ...

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11. Formatting date in JSP

You can't do it using an EL function (unless you write your own). But there's no need since the action of the JSTL does it for you. Any reason that you need to use an EL function as opposed to the JSTL? [ April 09, 2007: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]

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