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1. java servlet: difference between send redirect and forward in servlets

I am using servlet there is two method redirect and forward both are send request to the same page but what is the difference between them.any idea

2. calling a jsp from a servlet

i am calling a jsp, displayItems.jsp from a servlet, First I tried to do this using the RequestDispatcher like this,

`url = "/displayItems.jsp";
 ServletContext context = getServletContext();
 RequestDispatcher dispatcher = context.getRequestDispatcher(toDo);

3. Redirect or forward in web application

Hi All I have a requirement like, from some web page on some event user will redirect to MyApp's login page with some parameter. I want ...

4. difference between jsp forward and redirect

Please explain difference between jsp:forward and redirect? I got many mixed answers when i browsed through the net. Can somebody please correctly explain what is happening in each case?

5. JSP redirect/forward

I have this page: I would like to redirect/forward, in case of error/exception to the page (as you can see the path is different). doing <jsp:forward page="/page.jsp"> does work ...

6. Scenario where i can use only redirect not forward or it would be better to use than forward?

In every webapplication i have used forward. i want to know the scenario where i can use only redirect not forward or where redirect will be advantageous to use if compare ...

8. How to forward or redirect from servlet to JSP

Futaleufu_John Posted via mailing list. Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:04 pm Post subject: How to forward or redirect from servlet to JSP I have a Flash chart ...

9. Forward or Redirect

Hi Sandhya, when you do a forward from a servlet the URI will not change. I had a situation where I have a top.jsp which has some buttons and graphics included in every pages of my project. So when I forward from one servlet to a jsp page because the URI does not change the top part of the jsp page ...

10. Forwarding and redirecting

11. forward/redirect in jsp

12. Diff Between redirect & forward

13. why redirect? is forwarding not enough?

No, I was talking about two different servlets in the same application. If the first servlet forwards to the second servlet, the URL for the first servlet will be the one displayed in the browser's location bar. As far as I know, the only way to get the URL for the second servlet to be displayed is to redirect instead of ...

14. Choosing Between Forward and Redirect