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1. Problem with JMX Connector on Glassfish

Hi! I would like to monitor remote Glassfish v2.1 server with JConslole for example. As far as I know, I need to enable JMX Connector for this purpose. I have enabled JMX Connector in Glassfish console and then have restarted server. (Configuration->Admin service-> system). But I still can't connect to my server. Anyone can help? Thanks in advance!

3. Grizzly Connector - Servlet NIO Channel

I started to use Glassfish v3 recently. Before that I was using Tomcat Comet for some rapid data transfer, http tunneling issues. But Tomcat started to bottleneck. I wonder if there is such a way that I can handle "chunked" requests in Grizzly Comet in a Servlet over Glassfish. In grizzly comet as far as I can see it only does ...