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1. Printing from servlet, why does this not work

I want to print from a servlet. I believe I have the correct syntax. But I get the message "delete these tokens" in Eclipse.

 PrintWriter out = response.getWriter(); 
 out.println("<html><head><title>Woohoo</title></head><body>\n" + ...

2. from html to servlet

hi i'm learning html and sevlets,i wrote small aplication but i'm not getting any output when i click submit button from from.html page: below is my code

<h1 align="center>Color Selection Page</h1>
<form method="POST" action="/" >
Select ...

3. Using Servlets and HTML

I have a doubt regarding the use of servlets. In the application I'm building I use Html pages to ask the user for info. Imagine a Html page that lets the user ...

4. pass value to servlet from a hidden input type

I am trying to pass the parameter called value in the hidden input type to my servlet. It is like that:

retour.append("<input type=\"hidden\" id=\"id_" + nomTab + "_" + compteur + "\"  ...

5. servlet html5

I have <video src="someServlet"> where I write in servletOutputStream bytes from some video file, but it does not work. When I write <video src="/somedirectory/somefile.ogg">, it works fine. Can anyone help?

6. Starting a Servlet from a java class like from HTML code

What I am trying to do is to run a simple Servlet from a java class. Actually I have a Servlet1 that is started from an html code through a post ...

7. How can i read html anchor in java servlet?

I need to get all parameters from the request including what comes after "#". example: request: http://myserver/m#q=abc I need my server to get all parameters after "#" as they where after "?" How ...

8. reading html from an inputstream java

I am reading a html file using an inputstream from a java servlet. But the contents of the original and the read one are in a different format although when displayed in a ...

9. Confused with Java Servlets and HTML

Part of my homework for tomorrow is to search and add entries using Java EE. If the search is not existing, an add item option will show as follow: Supposedly, when the ...

10. How can I get the html data inside a Java servlet?

Good day! How can I access the HTML text field value inside a servlet? My example code is as follows:


11. Getting information from servlet created html

I have a servlet that creates an html text box and then redirects to another servlet on submit. How can I access the value of the html text box from ...

12. access html components in servlet

so i am using java servlets to response to a request from a jsp page. and i want to change the html components name on that jsp page, like i change ...

15. Servlets don't generate HTML

16. HTML Generation in Servlets

17. html-servlet commn

18. HTML parser or servlets

19. Servlets-HTML

20. HTML AND Servlets (V V Urgent )

21. HTML Parsing inside a Servlet

22. problem in calling servlets from html

23. Executing servlets from HTML

I finally did get JSSI to work. It's not that spectacular but it does allow me to totally separate the Java code from the HTML all the HTML authors have to do is include the line at the beginning of the file to make sure its viewers have been authorized. If I were to use JSP, would it ...

24. Loading HTML into a Servlet

26. Writing html inside/outside servlet

27. Getting HTML code from servlets ?

28. Servlets, HTML and GIFs

Since you are specifying a relative reference to the images, the browser is trying to find them in the same folder as the page. However, since your page is emitted by a servlet, there really is no "page". What the broser is doing is to use the URL of the servlet (probably a servlet mapping, no?) as the base for your ...

29. Data from servlet in html

30. HTML and Servlets

31. servlet not being called from html

32. embedding html in servlets

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33. Servlets from an HTML anchor

34. HTML to Servlet?

35. Html in servlets

Hello "scha cha"- Welcome to JavaRanch. On your way in you may have missed that we have a policy on screen names here at JavaRanch. Basically, it must consist of a first name, a space, and a last name, and not be obviously fictitious. Since yours does not conform with it, please take a moment to change it, which you can ...

36. Html to servlet problem?

37. html to servlet problem?

38. Get Cell Values from HTML Table Using Servlet

hello "subscribeid subscribeid"- Welcome to JavaRanch. On your way in you may have missed that we have a policy on screen names here at JavaRanch. Basically, it must consist of a first name, a space, and a last name, and not be obviously fictitious. Since yours does not conform with it, please take a moment to change it, which you can ...

39. servlet+html

I wish to get the values from the drop down menu selected by a user from the HTML page and pass this value into my servlet program for processing. In my servlet program, I've used the getParameter() function to obtain the value from the drop down menu selected.

40. how to read html table in servlet

41. How to call Servlet from HTML

42. Servlet to html

43. Servlets calling HTML

44. How to call a servlet from a html

46. calling up servlet from Html

47. Linking a servlet from HTMl

I am trying to link the servlet through html page using link rather than a form. I linked it using You clicked me But now i have many link calling same servlet and process it as per the link was clicked. But I am not able to find out which link invoked servlet? How could I find that?? In advance ...

48. how to load a html document

49. init() method displaying html

50. get data from html to servlet

hi, i'm trying to get username (String) and password (String) from html Login page to Servlet, so that i can check the username in db. But i dunno how to use the username in servlet. so, dear experienced guys, pls give a clue. this is the login page code snippet:

Password: ...

51. get data from servlet to html

in httpSessin i save the the object User. and i save it after checking the user's authorization. here is how i log in and send username&password to servlet


52. displaying html from servlet to html

53. html-servlet

54. html/servlet help

I'll just give a brief explanation of what I'm trying to do. I have two html pages and one servlet. Both html pages have their own forms and text boxes. On html page 1 is a 'Next' button, which, when clicked, brings the user to html page 2. On this page there is a 'submit' button which is meant to send ...

56. Servlets and HTML