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1. How to set the content type on the servlet

I am using a simple servlet which sends back document contents from the database as a byte array. I would like to set a content type so that it ...

2. How to extract links from a webpage using jsp?

My requirement is to extract all links (using "a href") from a web page dynamically. I am using JSP. To be more specific, i am building a meta search ...

3. What would be the correct content type setting for microsoft file formats

e.g for png it's image/png What would be the HTTPResponse content type for the following file formats (e.g. doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx and open office equivalents).

4. Get HTML Content Upon Submit

In Jsp while i press submit button instead of passing values to action. I want the HTML content of that form with all values it is possible?? If possible give ...

5. Capturing HTML content on server

6. Peoplesoft - Netscape - Unrecognizable Content Type

Hi, I am using a html meta tag to call another url. the meta tag is where strPath is my URL This meta tag in a jsp page. It works fine in IE. But when i try it on netscape 4.7 and above it says "Document contained no data. Try again later, or Please contact System administrator". The ...

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15. servlet code to interpret window contents

HI, i am in desperate need of ur help in writing a servlet/JSP code. the output of my HTML/JS form is a popup window whose contents are: a set of XML tags as shown below: C:\pro1.jpg C:\area.txt C:\area2.txt the script i used to create this set of tags are: function change(oForm){ var sel_1 = oForm.sel; var ...

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