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1. JSP - Diplaying images with src "num%C2%B2.jpg"

I created a static jsp page with an image whose src is set to num%C2%B2.jpg (actual name of the image is numĀ².jpg ) But apache is not able to locate the image.. I ...

2. Open Jpg in morzila firefox using jsp link dynamicaly generated for image

How to open jpeg in jsp file using Mozila Firefox? It works in IE but can't run in Firefox by passing it's scr tag dynamicaly It will say E:\stxavier\docs\7.jpg

e not protocol error
and ...

3. JPG Image in JSP

Hello, I'm sorry if this is not the forum to my question. In netbeans 6.7.1 tomcat 6.0.16 I have a simple jsp file with:

4. View JPG Image from Servlet File

5. Save a jpg image on server