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1. JSP displaying single and double quotes as symbol    stackoverflow.com

I have a JSP page retrieving data and when single or double quotes are in the text they are displayed as this symbol ?. JSP Code:


2. html report in jsp    stackoverflow.com

My client have given me a HTML template for billing and I have to incorporate in my ongoing JSP/Servlet project. It is a raw HTML file and the output should be ...

3. How to call html to jsp?    stackoverflow.com

my html file having the search box and when click on search box it will go to the jsp file... can you provide any sample code for this.. plz help me

4. html body inside if condition    stackoverflow.com

i have two different bodies for different conditions. can i do like this....

<body onload="JavaScript:timedRefresh(120000);">
Please help me... Thanks in advance.. I want to compare my title in if condition how can i do??? currently i ...

5. problem in Printing A Webpage    stackoverflow.com

There Is A Date Picker Code In my Program (Of Course We Placed A Calendar Picture In The Web Page) The Problem Now Is That How Can We Be Able Not ...

6. dynamic html table    stackoverflow.com

I've to create a dynamic html table using the values configured in a table. I'm using JSP with MVC architecture. I've a row number, column number and value fields in table. If ...

7. Alternating table row color?    stackoverflow.com

When generating html tabular data, I just wanted to hear what methods you use to alternate the table row color? For my purposes, I am using Java and JSPs on ...

8. Generate HTML from JSP    stackoverflow.com

The basic servlet jsp setup I'm familiar with ....

RequestDispatcher dispatcher = request.getRequestDispatcher(resourceA.jsp);

dispatcher.forward(request, response);
The problem is, in addition to sending the reply back to the browser (resourceA.jsp), I need to create a second ...

9. send html table to a servlet to a jsp    stackoverflow.com

how can i send html table to a servlet to a jsp in my Action class i have a table i want to send this table to my jsp with a request.setAttributes("table",tableHtml); ...

10. How to create rating system in JSP?    stackoverflow.com

I'm doing one litle project with JSP for topic Library. I want to create a rating system for books in library when end-user view detail of book and rating for this ...

11. make automatic line break in html?    stackoverflow.com

I have a HTML text area in a JSP page. When I continuously press a button and the cursor reaches the line end it automatically goes to the second line. When I ...

12. running a word macro dynamically through java/html/jsp    stackoverflow.com

new to running macros through coding . Please help me if it is possible to do it through either of html/jsp/java...

13. Unescape HTML using JSP    stackoverflow.com

If I have a Java class return escapeHTML format data. Then I want to unescape the information is a JSP script, is there such a way to do so? only has ...

14. html problem in a .jsp    stackoverflow.com

I am having a problem. this is the code:

List<QueryDescription> queries = null;

15. Is there a way to tell if a HTML hex colour is light or dark    stackoverflow.com

I want font colour on my html page to change to black if the background colour of the row is light and black if the background is white I'm using jsp in ...

16. Clear input values    stackoverflow.com

Data comes from a Servlet to HTML input field in a JSP page. When I press <input type="reset">, the data is not cleared. How can I solve this?

17. IDE for jsp and html?    stackoverflow.com

I would normally use Visual Studio for web development, but I don't think it works with JSP, so I need to use something else - what do you recommend? I would like ...

18. out.print not working in java method in jsp    stackoverflow.com

I have a pretty weird problem, here it goes: I have a jsp page, in this jsp, there is an iframe showing some content from another jsp. I want this iframe to ...

19. JSP - separating Java from HTML    stackoverflow.com

If I had something like this:

    String name =  (String)session.getAttribute("username");


    <div id="navBar">

20. HTML Select Box, selected data from servlet    stackoverflow.com

Good day! I am having a problem with the select box in html. I am on the EDIT portion of my simple CRUD project and before users can edit, the chosen data ...

21. Is there such thing as a JSP minifier? (or Open Source HTML minifier)    stackoverflow.com

This would be an HTML minifier that skips everything between <% and %>. Actually, an Open Source HTML minifier would be a good starting place, especially if it already had code to ...

22. How to get result from HTML and use it in Java     stackoverflow.com

I want to ask how to get the result from this html and use it in common java program in JSP page:

class="gs-snippet" data-body="html(content)"
I want to represent the result with String if ...

23. Can i add JSP scripts in HTML    stackoverflow.com

I have a method in my JSp . can i make a button onclick which i can call that method..? code:-

<input type="button" value="Previous" onclick="<%i=i-1; %">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<input type="button" value="Accept" onclick="<% int temp=req.add(pr); %>">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<input type="button" value="Next" ...

24. JSP: sort HTML table on serverside    stackoverflow.com

I am working on one legacy application. In JSP there is a html table. I need to write functionality to sort the table based on the column the users clicks. The ...

25. Should I use JSP or servlet to generate HTML table?    stackoverflow.com

I need to dynamically generate html table and insert in the jsp page and would like to know the best way to do this. Theses are the options I am debating ...

26. Store java objects in HTML5 local storage    stackoverflow.com

I want to store objects I get from request.getAttribute() from previous JSP in HTML5 local storage so that I can use it in another page, since I dont want to use ...

27. HTML JSP code creation question    stackoverflow.com

I have a submit button, created from - basically when this is clicked I want a groupbox to appear below where the submit button is....any suggestions? I've tried to get the ...

28. Set the table width    stackoverflow.com

I have a table where the header and data are created randowmly..I have introduced the scroll also for the data alone but header is not matching the data..As the alignment is ...

29. how to limit cells per row?    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to create this sort of layout in html...

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
How would I limit how many is displayed per row? Can you achieve this ...

30. How does JHTML relate to JSP?    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to study concepts of dynamic generated web pages with java. I've already studied servlets api. Today I've started to read about JHTML - and I want to understand relationships ...

31. How to generate multiple html tables dynamically over jsp using servlets?    stackoverflow.com

hey guys i have a situation in which i am getting a array string of selected building names and another array string of selected building subsystems. So based on the user ...

32. Printing multiple HTML lines from JSP    stackoverflow.com

    out.println(%><form> + 
        <p><label for="username">Username:</label><input type="text" name="username" /></p>  + 
        <p><label for="password">Password:</label><input ...

33. Jumping to anchors in JSP    stackoverflow.com

When jumping to anchors on a JSP, HTML anchors do not work. Eg, something like

<a href="#name">Link</a>
<div id="name"></div>
fails because the server actually looks for a file named "filename.jps#name" and returns an ...

34. how can I make a jsp table scrollable?    stackoverflow.com

I have the table bellow on a JSP page. The number of rows on the table is variable, populated by a list passed from the controller. How can I add scrolling ...

35. visually designing web jsp/html    forums.netbeans.org

Hi, I know that visual web designer is discontinued. my question is , aren't there any alternatives for visually editing jsp/html files in netbeans? how to enable and/or install plugins to do it? I need to build a jsp by drag and drop of elements and configure them as was in visual web designer.

37. Hide HTML code within Jsp    coderanch.com

38. HTML question    coderanch.com

39. JSP's and HTML anchors    coderanch.com

40. printing of html link    coderanch.com

41. Building HTML Controls On The Fly    coderanch.com

I need to create some HTML TEXT controls in a loop that will display the contents of a result set. Below is what I came up with. This displays an empty TEXT field, but no data. I checked and the rs.getString(item) is returning some string data. Can anybody tell me what change I need to make to the text below so ...

42. Jsp to html    coderanch.com

Is there a way, a method or a class in jsp api's to convert the jsp file into html file. The reason is lot of data is dynamically generated in the jsp file, i need to use this and convert it into html file and attach that file into my email. Is there a way to do this? If not found ...

43. HTML in a jsp never fully renders    coderanch.com

I got a jsp page with some loops and all kinds of stuff. It takes in an id to know what to display. It seems as if on certain ids it never finished displaying the html? Why? I have no idea. Has anyone else ever had a problem like that? It stops midway just like this: //Alot of html before here ...

44. how to generate html for jsp    coderanch.com

45. About the html:base problem?    coderanch.com

Hi everyone: I am reading Action in struts book and I have a problem with the "html:base" tag.In a section it say:"JSPs often include references to HTML resources such as images and style sheets. The most convenient way to refer to these resources is through paths that are relative to the JSP template. But when the Action forwards control, it does ...

46. html:multibox    coderanch.com

47. Is HTML table cell width adjustable?    coderanch.com

49. Link from jsp to html    coderanch.com

50. Can i obtain the generated HTML?    coderanch.com

The HTML is sent directly to the calling process (usually a web browser somewhere on the network) by the application server. You might be able to install something that captures that data and does something with it, which is exactly the way proxyservers work (as well as criminals who sit in between webservers and browsers and use this method to steal ...

51. Clean html    coderanch.com

52. Saving HTML of a webpage    coderanch.com

53. charset in Html    coderanch.com

55. jsp,html    coderanch.com

<% ... String strQuery = "" + request.getParameter("query"); if(!strQuery.equals("")) { //Connect to database and get resultset ... String strStatement = "SELECT * FROM Table WHERE Some_Column_Name='" + strQuery + "'"; //Whatever your code is ... String strRecord; //Loop through the results while (hasMoreRecords) { strRecord = result.getString("column_name"); ... %> Result 1: <%=strRecord%>
<% ... } ... } else //No value for ...

56. write html in jsp    coderanch.com

57. HTML source code while displaying JSP    coderanch.com

58. html & jsp    coderanch.com

The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts. Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the light of day. The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you do is who you become. Your integrity is your destiny - it is the light that guides your way. - ...

60. if conditions that change HTML    coderanch.com

Also, if you're starting out with a JSP 2 container (which you should unless you've got a really good reason not to), you should get off on the right foot at the starting gate and use JSTL tags with the Expression Language in lieu of scriptlets for something like this. The syntax for a simple test would be along the lines ...

61. how to delte rows from HTML table    coderanch.com

62. Jsp and html    coderanch.com

63. reading from .html    coderanch.com

64. html:select    coderanch.com

65. how to pass values from html to jsp    coderanch.com

66. access rows from html table    coderanch.com

Dear all, Appreciate if someone can tell me the following: Ways to access rows(cells) from a multiple rows html table on a jsp. I am currently writing a simple jsp application which will perform update operation to the database. The system allow user to select any row from a html table (by using a checkbox), make some changes to any of ...

67. serve html    coderanch.com

68. JSP sending and recieving data from html    coderanch.com

I completely forgot how to set the hidden variables and be able to pass it to another jsp.. I know i need to create a function ie sumbitClick ( argument, argument) but i dont know what to do inside the function For example i have FName and LName as the fields for input and i have LastName and FirstName has hidden ...

69. Dynamic HTML Multi Select Approach    coderanch.com

This is easiest to explain with a short example, so bear with me! A bean Person with attribute favouriteColour. A bean Colour with attributes id and name. Pass a list of Colour beans and one person bean through to a JSP to present a select list. How would ...

70. Html comment not working in jsp    coderanch.com

72. Linking to HTML    coderanch.com

Is your HTML page under the WEB-INF directory? It's hard to tell from the way you've posted it. If so, you'll need to move out from under there in order for the browser to be able to see it. Also if you use a relative link to a page and preceed it with a forward slash, the browser will treat that ...

73. Passing values to and from HTML    coderanch.com

74. jsp in html    coderanch.com

75. JSP to HTML on serverside    coderanch.com

76. HTML    coderanch.com

77. html interpretation    coderanch.com

hi, I have a text field in my form. if the user enters some html in the text field, I don't want the html to be interpreted when the data entered in text field is displayed. for example data entered in text field is "enter
your name". currently, "your name" comes to the next line when i display the form ...

78. Getting Data from HTML Table    coderanch.com

Hi All, I have a HTML table that displays employeeID, FirstName and LastName only. I made the employeeID field in each row as document link to a URL so that when the employeeID field was click, it will forward the browser to a next JSP that will completely display the Person Information (e.g. Age, Birthday etc..) Is there a way that ...

80. Preventing html from direct access    coderanch.com

yes Bear,I meant forwarding only. Actually,from servlet i am able to forward to html page and jsp page both. Earlier,i was going from servlet to jsp through request dispatcher,then from jsp to other html on button clicking,so control was not going to that html page. So,i have reached to a conclusion : If we are going to other page(html or page) ...

82. HTML in Java    coderanch.com

I sometimes put HTML in my Java helper classes in my Tomcat 4.1.27 container. I read this is not considered good practice to have HTML in a Java class. Please advise is it because of a maintenance issue or why? If I dont put HTML in Java classes then I would have to for example put Java for loops in JSP ...

83. Jsp to HTML    coderanch.com

Thank you. I believe many people want to pages sooner the better, it is best to static, improve customer access speeds. Also facilitates the search engine search. We hope that our readers dynamic database pages, as far as possible, the generation of static pages. so i wish somebody help me and give the model simple.

86. JSP vs HTML    coderanch.com

88. share data between html and jsp    coderanch.com

89. Where in Javawebserver2.0 should I place my Html , Jsp and Java programs    coderanch.com

I am not talking about servlets. I want to know where( ie which directory )should I save my JSP, HTML, and JAva beans . I am using Javawebserver2.0 and how do I debug my JSP program What I get is HTTP 500 error. I am not able to find out where I have made the mistake and what is my mistake. ...

90. servlet to JSP to HTML to JSP    coderanch.com

I have been doing a lot of reading, but I want to make sure what i am thinking is possible. I have a servlet that instantiates a bean, and then forwards control on to a JSP. I am using: req.setAttribute("RequestBean", rqBean); RequestDispatcher dispatcher = getSevletContext().getRequestDispatcher("main.jsp"); dispatcher.forward(request, response); Now in main.jsp, as long as I use

91. JSP's & HTML    coderanch.com

You could actually have a JSP with only HTML in it (but with a .jsp extension) and it would work. So, really, what some people don't like is the mixing of Java directly inside this HTML with scriptlets or expressions. To get around this, JavaBeans can be used in conjunction with , , and to move some of the Java ...

92. Where to put Servlets, JSPs and HTML documents...    coderanch.com

Hi Tanveer, *place your jsp pages and their html files on the following path: tomcat_home\webapps\examples\jsp note that you may create folders under the same path also. **place your *.class files of your servlets under the path: tomcat_home\webapps\examples\web-inf\classes and place the html pages that call them under the path: tomcat_home\webapps\examples\servlets ***call your servlet from the browser by typing the following address in ...

93. HTML or JSP?    coderanch.com

Hi, I have a question about an example I am studying. The design of the application is that if the processing bean detects that a user is not registerd (from db) then the JSP page that invoked the bean will forward to a register JSP page, which is like this Customer Registration

Customer Registration

Please register. ...

94. JSP +HTML    coderanch.com

95. Problem calling a jsp from html    coderanch.com

96. jsp & HTML    coderanch.com

Well this is my problem. Can anyone clear my doubt. I have two frames say frame1 and frame2 "frame1" has a jsp page "jsp1" "frame2" has a jsp page "jsp2" and there is an intermediate page "jspx" form output from page "jsp1" goes to "jspx" and then this data is forwarded to "jsp2" my question is that what do i need ...

97. Getting JSP given HTML(Urgent)    coderanch.com

98. calling html and jsp from Servlet    coderanch.com

with the forward command you simply pass on the request and the response to another servlets or jsp to take care of. with the include command you include the servlets or jsp output in your page after it has done its stuff. basically most of the time you get the same result, its only semantics. most of time you use include ...

99. Help: HTML -> SERVLET -> JSP    coderanch.com

Have you tried taking off the application part, when requesting the dispatcher? ie: request.getRequestDispatcher("/somepage.jsp"); And yes, you really should use web.xml, one wonders how you got your servlet to work at all. What does the HTML look like when you 'invoke' the servlet? Anyways... look in the examples application for a look at what web.xml should look like, and finally, the ...

100. HTML Parser from JSP    coderanch.com