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2. Repetative html code in jsp    coderanch.com

Hi, I have some block of html code (includes some jstl tags...tables...td) in one jsp page and that block of code get repeated in that jsp page. That code is of around 100 lines. It got repeated for four times so that it takes 400 lines extra. I am thinking to use custom tags. But I dont know how to include ...

3. reading an html    coderanch.com

I am reading an html in jsp through input Stream.While reading, i want to make changes in the contents and after those changes,i need to display to browser.But, i am finding it very difficult to take all bytes of the file somewhere,so planning to take that in a byte array.After,that i need to perform some find and replace operations on that ...

4. Creating a reusable html table    coderanch.com

Hi, I have a html table that is used on multiple jsp-pages. As it is now, every jsp-page has a copy of that table (code is copied over several jsp-pages). What I would like to do is refactor the code, so that the same table is used on every page. I tried to put the table in a separate jsp-page, and ...

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6.   html code in PostgreSQL table    coderanch.com

Note: My question is about the special HTML character for a non-breaking space. When I type its code into the text composition window it looks fine, but when I "preview" the question, all that is seen is one blank space. Thus, I shall refer to this character as &+nbsp; to keep it from disappearing when I post. Question: I need to ...

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14. access generated html    coderanch.com

hello to you all and I'm really sorry if this doesn't belong here... So I'm using JSP to generate my html and what I would like is to access the response complete with the whole html generated by the JSP and generate a pdf from it. I know how I could generate the pdf from the html, I need help just ...

15. JSP/html/table    forums.oracle.com

generally, you could use the nowrap attribute of an html table cell to do this, but I'm not sure how this applies when you have text boxes and lists in the cells. I suspect that text boxes would ignore the nowrap attribute of the parent cell. But at any rate, this is not actually a java related problem. JSP is actually ...

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hello i have a servlet and a jsp. A servlet calls the jsp tooo display the data and also passes the data to the jsp page. Now i have written a link on a link jsp page which calls another jsp page a link is like

20. popping html from a jsp    forums.oracle.com

Hi everyone, I have the following problem concerning popups. I popped a jsp page from another jsp page without any menu or address bars, and it worked fine. Now, from the popped jsp page I want to popup a html page, but the minute the html page pops up, the menu and address bars show up in the jsp popup page, ...