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I have a jsp which performs some operations, some of which involve updating database tables. It is opened as a popup window from a servlet, and all that is displayed is a message telling the user that the operations have been performed. However, it only actually does any work the first time it is accessed. Even if I shut down my ...

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Hi Folks, I have a page with a simple textfield form. When a user types in a value and clicks the submit button, I want the information corresponding to this value to return in a popup jsp window. I've tried a couple of approaches and nothing seems to work, in the html with the form, I placed a javascript popup function ...

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4. Data in new Pop-up window.    coderanch.com

Originally posted by Neeraj Vij: Hi Ben, Please correct me, If I am wrong.I feel, maintaing too many session attributes will degarde the server's performance. Regards, Neeraj. It depends on how your app is being used and what you mean by too many. If you have a constant amount of heavy traffic or large spikes then having a lot of session ...

5. how to get value from popup window    coderanch.com

Hi, I would like to open a hidden popup window to pass value when user enter the value on the textbox. The popup window will perform operation that call the javabean to retrieve values to be displayed on the form that open the window. how to pass values from popup window to the form

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You aren't going to solve your problem using server side technology. Your issue is one of client side solutions, which is why we moved your thread to the HTML / Javascript forum for further discussion. Rather than opening a new duplicate thread after we've moved it once already, you should continue discussion in the original thread. So, I am closing this ...

10. close pop up window from servlet    coderanch.com

Hi Guys, I built a jsp/servlet web application. when user logs in to application a browser window pop up with jsp page and an embedded applet inside it. what i want to do is when user logs out from application ,the pop up window with applet sold be closed / or maybe notify applet to destroy itself (leave its window open ...

11. Can I pass data from a JSP to popup window?    coderanch.com

If the data is textual in nature, you can add it as request parameters to the URL of the popup. Otherwise, you might consider storing it in the session so that it also available to the request that's building the page for the popup. Be sure to remove it from the session when no longer needed. Remember, you can't really "pass" ...

12. How to show a pop up window from a servlet    coderanch.com

HI, You can use a javascript alert like this: <% if ( request.getParameter("username")== null && request.getParameter("password") == null ) { %>

........... ......... Just put the script code it in after the body tag and the javascript will execute on page loading. (if you put it in head ...

13. Popup window from a servlet    coderanch.com

Hi, Thanks in advance for the responses. Let me explain you in detail. I have a JSP called Reports.jsp which is initiated by a ReportServlet. In the JSP user will select some options and clicks on the Print or Preview report. The response should go to the servlet and the Servlets has to refresh the same page but at the same ...

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Hi, I have a web application in which the following is happening. The web application is for a simple shopping cart. I have links for each item. When cursor in on the link, Status bar shows the item properties (Item number, description, price, type (Product or Service). I am fetching the data from a database table. When I click the link, ...