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1. closing jsp window

i have a jsp page that checks a query if the answer is true the program goes to a servlet page otherwise the program continue as planned my question is: if i do ...

2. How to pass value from one jsp to other through

I am getting gra value from one.jsp as follows

<script language="javascript">
function gotoAddPanelAction(elem)
var st=elem.value;
I am retriving the value in SelectInterviewPannel2.jsp as follows
<td width="60%" class="txt-lable">
 <Select name="grade" ><option value="" selected>Select</option>
String gra ...

3. Open window as maximized

4. How to frozen a mother window after opening a child window

I have a web program which is responsible to update a Sales Master table. Inside it, there are three buttons. On of them triggers another window for updating a Sales Detail table. Inside this child window, there are two buttons. One is a save button and another is a cancel button. In order to avoid opening other windows from the mother ...

5. Opening a new Window

6. regrding window closing

Hi,all. Currently i am facing a problem.I have a form which can be opened by only 1 user at any given moment of time.When someone else tries to open the form (opened by someone else),he shoould get an error msg informing that the form is opened by "personName".Ihave set a flag in the database if opened==Y show error msg if opened==n ...

8. how to close parent window?

10. to open a window

i want to open ajsp in a window . In the jsp i have a field combobox yes or no depending on the value the text box next to it has to have the value from other jsp(called look up.jsp)The text box has a image next to it .i want that if image is clicked only the lookup will be opened ...


12. using JSP to read from js window

Hi paul, thank u very much for the reply. i am working using the idea u suggested. now i need one more clarification from u. once my jsp receives the request from the hidden form element, is it possible to do the following: in my xml tags, i had mentioned two file paths:"C:\abc.txt" and "C:\fig.svg" now how can i write an ...

13. Prevent new Window in JSP

14. Opening ppt in a new window using jsp

15. Capturing the current window's cotents?

17. window.showModalWindow problem

Hi I have a code in my jsp page which would open a modal window. window.showModalWindow("/jsps/something.jsp"); The path of the page is correct. If i run this code the modal window shows the jsp code instead of compiled html. it treats as a text file. but i have set the content-type of the file to be "text/html". It works in my ...

18. Control to remain only on child window

Hi, I have opened a new child window from a parent window with the help of javascript...But I can click in parent window's can I check the user from not doing so...that is I want control to be only on child window. Can anyone tell me the solution...Thanks in Advance. Naresh Daswani

19. Window.opener problem

20. JSP - doesn't reflect data on

Hi All, I have following line in Java code handler. session.setAttribute(PREFIX + "members , members) sendRedirect(); //my API for send Redirect steps & Problem: -I invoke above code everytime I get new vector of members. and then It goes to members.jsp. - when member.jsp loads , I do and it opens up searchResults.jsp. - I leave the searchResults.jsp window open ...

21. "Window scope"

I am writing web application (Spring MVC, ...). I need to pass some attribute (or parameter) into page creted in new window (codebook, table) and then pass the same attribute to every other page called from there (codebook, form). Little simplification - every new page is opened in the same window (javascript The attribute should live as long as the ...

22. Opening a new window from servlets

23. closing window using jsp

24. Openeing new window from Servlet

25. URGENT-->New Window from Servlet

26. Launch a new window from a servlet?

27. Servlet re-direct to a new window

31. to open new window from a servlet

32. New Window from a Servlet

33. jsp pop window

34. New Window from a Servlet

35. Pass Window object to my program from JSP

36. Open explorer window from a jsp

kelvin_nitk wrote: Hi i have a java application running on a unix machine. What does this have to do with the rest of the question? On a jsp i need to provide a hyperlink which should open a new window but not the internet explorer window but the windows explorer window of some remote windows machine. How can this be done. ...