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1. iText5.1.0 set header and footer in document

i m using servlet to view pdf file as using response setContentType pdf. I want to set Header and Footer of Document generated by IText 5.1.0. Please Help..

2. Is it possible to add jspf files to a jsp page without using jsp:include?

What I want to achieve is something similar to a master page in I'm following a tutorial, but I may have missed something cause I have added my ...

3. Common HEADER and FOOTER in JSP

Hi, I have done some web applications using JSP on IBM WebSphere App. Server. Recently I am thinking whether I can just create a common jsp files for HEADER and FOOTER, and each application can just use the same files. But for my understanding, the "include" tag in JSP can only include some files using relative URL, so I can not ...

5. Header and footer writing in servlet