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The problem is it will render the page when I click the href link ...

1. Passing http headers through a liferay portlet page

In some portlet there is a page I want to access via ajax. That page should set some http headers (at least, Status). As far as I can see, such headers are ...

3. display a subdirectory in a jsp page but keep the header(another jsp)

Hi all, How can I implement the html to display a directory on a server and keep the header(using another jsp) without using frame? The current syntext I use is: <%@ include file="WebBuildBannerNoSearch.jsp" %> and display the whole directory:

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4. JSP-"page" directive is a response header?

Hi folks, i was wondering if you can clarify on this fact...i mean,i assume "page" directive is for page attributes to be identified and set by the Server. So, it's more of a META info. But is it coming in Http response as header information??? [ January 11, 2007: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]

5. Adding HTML DOCTYPE and meta attributes in header of page generated by jsp

Hi, I would like to know what the best approach to putting the DOCTYPE attribute into all my HTML generated by my jsp pages is, I want this in every generated web page: Also, I would like to have this declaration inside the head tag of all my pages: Could ...