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1. Trouble using JRun to Host Java Servlets

I am deploying new versions of java servlets with JRun as the host. I am having difficulty finding good sources for information about JRun and tutorials about how to configure and ...

2. Why use JSP/Servlets?

I have done a lot of web development using PHP (both procedural and OO). I have in the last few years been involved in Java development (not JSP and Servlets) for ...

3. How to host jsp-website(pages) on server?

<%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=utf-8" language="java"
 import="java.sql.*" errorPage="" %>
<%@ include file="top.jsp"%>
I got the above error while hosting my jsp-website(pages) on server like network solutions. So, anyone have idea how to host jsp-website ...

4. Java encodeUrl not appending jsessionid in a different host

I am developing a chat application where an applet is used at the client side and a servlet at the server end. POST request is used to send messages to the ...

5. How To Host a Dynamic website Developed in Eclipse

i developed a small dynamic website in my Eclipse i want to Host in Internet I have domain and Hosting How can i host this Dynamic website? Please help me

6. How to have site default homepage point to index.jsp?

Noob here as far as uploading my first jsp site to ftp.
So I copied all files to public_html.
It's still pointing to index.html as the home page.
Do I have to delete index.html?
Is ...

7. What are the secret steps to getting JSPs to work on Web Host?

Ok so far I did 1) Team > Export > Web Content (created new folder) 2) Copied the files inside Web Content to public_html 3) Told my host to enable the ability for JSP's So ...

8. How to host a JSP page in IIS?

9. How To Upload a JSP Web Application to a Web Host

Hey all, This will be my first database-driven website that I've done. I'm a bit confused as to how (and what files I need) to properly upload my Web Application that I have written using Netbeans 6.9. Fortunately recreating the database is as easy as uploading my create table statements to the web host (x10Hosting), but I don't know how to ...

10. Web Hosting that supports JSP?

11. hosting issues

Hello every one! I have developed using jsp+bean+Access and want to host this site. Q)Plz tell me can I host for FREE using this combination. Q)I also want to shift data base to (prefably) SqlServer or mySql. Then free hosting for these?. Q)If I use type4 driver then would hosting service charge extra amount for it because it may possible that ...

13. suggestion for web hosting??

14. JSP/Servlet host

15. JSP / Servlet Hosting

17. Hosting services for JSP?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good site for hosting JSP web sites? Im looking for a service that will give me the ability to host more than one web site within my server space. I want to move my personal web site over to JSP from PHP. I also want to have the flexibility to host a site with ...

19. What is the best hosting for me?

20. Reliable JSP hosting

I need a reliable JSP-enabled MySQL-enabled web hosting whose performance is no less than other technologies (php, ...). I need a capacity of 500MB and a bandwidth of about 25 GB (per month). Do you know of a good trusted not-so-expensive offers? Thanks in Advance. P.S. I'm sorry if the question is a faq, but I emphasize on reliability.

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24. the best web hosting provider

25. Recommended JSP/Servlet hosting

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30. good servlet/jsp host

31. Servlet JSP Hosting Service

32. freesites to host servlets

34. Looking for JSP web hosting company...

JavaRanch is hosted by in Boulder, CO, and obviously supports jsp since almost all the pages outside the Big Moose Saloon are jsp pages. I see they are on the page Roseanne gave the link for under "Enterprise Java Internet Provider". [This message has been edited by Marilyn deQueiroz (edited February 24, 2001).]

35. Web hosting and Java Servlets

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40. finding the servlet's base host

41. Servlet Hosting

42. Servlet Web Hosting Rediculous.

44. Servlet web hosting

Ok so after passing SCWCD I wrote what I thought was a great web app to capture golfing statistics, allowing users to register and enter their own data, display graphics of their golf rounds, handicaps, etc. What started out as a fun-study exercise has actually become quite practical, and I'd like to host it as a 'real' web site. Only I ...

45. Servlet and JSP Hosting in the UK

Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend a decent host for my companies website? I am implementing a small content management system and would need access to a fair bit of database space (1 - 2G) (Oracle or SQL Server please) The company is quite small - less than 15 people and is based in a small town in scotland. I'm sure there ...

46. Hosting which supports JSP/Servlets

47. Servlet/JSP Hosting with TCP, UDP Support needed

Hi all I'm Looking for an affordable webhost for my web application which supports TCP, UDP connections. I noticed that several hosts are not supporting it (no open ports) like and when I asked others they don't know what I mean like So if someone knows a good host please provide some links. P S : I need TCP/UDP ...

48. JSP / Servlet Hosting Survey

50. servlet hosting -

51. Hosting Servlet on a PDA

Jeroen, a little harsh than needed. Yes, you are right this is the same question that i moved to Other Java Servers. So I am going to close this duplicate post. But I will also leave Alfredo with this. Why do you need to run a Servlet on a PDA, since no other PDAs can call the App Server on the ...

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53. servlet web hosting

54. Servlet web hosting

55. Where to host a servlet app ?

56. India JSP/Servlet Web Hosting

57. Looking For Servlets Dedicated Server Hosting

Hi All, I am looking for a cheap (max GBP 50) but good configuration dedicated server anywhere. If possible then UK or europe. Your help would be highly appreciated. My requirements are: JDK: 1.5.x Tomcat: 5.0+ MySQL: 5.0+ cgi-bin: Yes Telnet and SSH: Yes OS: FreeBSD/Linux red hat RAM: 1GB Processor: At Least P4 Hard Disk: 60-80GB Thanks. Vikas Aggarwal

59. JSP/J2EE web hosting - who's good?

60. How can we host a jsp in unix web server

I use jetty for my container in linux. It's pretty simple and can be picked up here. Just download and extract and put the app you want loaded into the webapp directory and then go into the bin directory and run ' start etc/jetty.xml'. You may have to add the path of your 'installation' into the file. For instance mine ...

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67. JSP Hosting

Does anybody know if there is a place where I can temporarily host my JSP files? Im doing a JSP project for school and I do most of my work (ALL of my best work) from my office. (I have four kids at homeneed I say more) The problem is that I **think** my company blocks port 8080 so I cant ...

68. Web Hosting of an Eclipse project

69. Where to host my site?

72. error in uploading files on remote host

75. Good JSP/servlet web hosting?

76. question about JSP hosting

it might be strange to ask this question, but really I'm wondering: Why are most web hosting support php with so cheep plans where as JSP hostings are expensive and hard to find? i guess thats why most sites on the internet are built by php. i desiced to leave php and to start with JSP, but i encounter a problem ...

78. Java/JSP Website Hosting

It's not easy to find a good and inexpensive Java hosting company. I looked into this recently for something I am doing for a friend. There is also a lot of scam sites out there so beware, if it sounds to good to be true then it usually is. Always review your choice.Another thing that put me off was that there ...

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