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1. Free JSP hosting

I am looking for some free JSP hosting, that have support for:

2.JDK 1.6
3.Can have Apache Tomcat or two MySQL databases
Thanks for your help BTW. Sorry for my english (I am from ...

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Actually I just found a WONDERFUL host for my Java students. Its in Malaysia and runs Tomcat, PHP, chilisoft for ASP, Javamail and comes with MySql DataBase.and GET THIS, how about $30 a YEAR, yes thats no typo.......$30 a year. I had to try it to believe it but its just wonderful and the administrator is so nice. You can set ...

13. Free web hosting for Servlets & JSP's?

These hosting services that you mention, do they impose a great deal of restrictions on the software of your websites? For instance, at one time, I wanted to find a host that would allow me to host my website, but I found out later that they did not allow things such as active server pages, or the use of activex code ...

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I agree with both Joe and Ulf. That statement makes me cringe and I would also expect to see it in any hosting contract. It makes sense to back up any of your hosted code, data, etc.. on a disk or your local machine. I have a co-worker who spent a considerable amount of time building a PHP site for fishing ...

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