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1. Include a private JSP from a Servlet

I have my Servlet responding on the everything "/" url-pattern. Inside I need to sometimes render html, so I'd like to .include a JSP page, but I'd like that .jsp to ...

2. Java web application - refactor include scriptlets into a best practice approach

I currently have the following includes at the top of all of my jsp files:

<%@ include file="inc/inc_cookie_login.jsp"%>
<%@ include file="inc/inc_protect_page.jsp"%>
<%@ include file="inc/inc_log_access.jsp"%>
The jsps have scriptlets that check for cookie and set a ...

3. AJAX Call before jsp:include in same jsp

I need know to execute one ajax function before than one jsp:include puts in same jsp. I try put one session parameter with this ajax function, this parameter is used for include, ...

4. Using to make a servlet call that returns additional 's, but they're not being rendered

So this question suggested using a servlet to do the file check before doing the include: How can you check if a file exists before including/importing it in JSP? So I wrote ...

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11. When should a servlet include init()?

Hi, friends. I understand that if a servlet has an init() method, then the first line of the method should be a call to super.init(config). My question is, though, when should a servlet have an init() method at all, and when should it not? In some cases, it is absolutely clear that you need an init() method: for example, when your ...

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17. URGENT: jsp:include of servlet not working

Hello, Any help is greatly appreciated! I can call my servlet like: http://localhost/PressReleases/Top3 and it works just fine, but when I try to include it in a JSP file like: The request appears to stop and I get nothing. Under Tomcat, I get nothing, no exception, or error of any kind. Under SunONE, I get the following: WARNING: ...

18. include jsp in servlet

What you say is true. I'm talking about how if you POST from a JSP then you can use the jsp:setProperty to auto-set all of a bean's properties before you even reach the servlet or whatever it is you're POSTing to (it's handy). However, a servlet doesn't have that bit of shorthand, so you have to do it all manually. I ...

20. including jsp in servlet

Hi, i am a beginner. i am using servlets and jsp to fetch the records from database. once a query is made to database (in servlets), the records are fetched. i want to show these records on jsp file. i want to store the resultset in a variable, then include the jsp page using "reqestDispatcher" and on that jsp page, make ...

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