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1. How to include jsp include directive in JspWriter

I have my requirement like this

buffer.append("<table width="+tableWidth+" height="+tableHeight+">" +
"<tr>" +
"<td class="+cssTableBackGround+">" +
"" +
"<img id='"+ID+"' border="+0+" src="+imageDown+" name='toggleImage'/> (\"javascript:simpleToggle('"+ADVANCED+"',) " +
"<font class="+cssClass+"> "+
"Edit ChairPerson" +
"</td></tr></table>" +
"<div id='"+ADVANCED+"' style='background-color:#cccccc;display:none; overflow:hidden;height:95px;width:75%'>"+
"<%@ include file=\"advancedEpanded.jsp\" %>" ...

3. jsp include directive

4. include file directive, how the included jsp file is built?

Hi, I have 2 jsp files where one is included in the other: MAIN FILE: Test1.jsp Test1
Request URI: <%=request.getRequestURI()%>
Context Path: <%=request.getContextPath()%>
Servlet Path: <%=request.getServletPath()%>
Querry String: <%=request.getQueryString()%>
<%request.setAttribute("Current Date",new java.util.Date());%> [B]<%@ include file="/paramRequest.jsp"%>[/B] Included File aramRequest.jsp
Parameters in this request
<% java.util.Enumeration e = request.getParameterNames(); while (e.hasMoreElements()) { String paramName=(String)e.nextElement(); String [] paramValues=request.getParameterValues(paramName); %> ...

5. Difference between include directive and jsp:include

can anyone explain how include directive and jsp:include work , 1)include directive will include page statically,ie if any change done to including page later will not reflect in including page . 2)jsp:include includes a page dynamically . ie whatever changes made in included page will reflect in including page . has this concept changed according to new specifications . has anybody ...

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8. more difference jsp:include vs. include directive

Hi, I am having a hard time to use EL in include directive: <%@ include file="static/files/${}/page.html" %> but using jsp:include works fine. Is that because include directive does not support EL in its argument? The following is fine with jsp:include. Further, I also noticed that the directory where the container starts to search for the included file is ...

9. JSP include vs include directive

Filling a drop-down list with data dynamically SELECTED from a database doesn't imply the *need* to use an include of either type. Can you explain why you think you need one? I use including to break pages into logical pieces and to reuse sections on multiple pages. How do you choose between the two kinds of includes? One difference that everyone ...

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11. include directive vs jsp:include

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15. Doubt in Include Directive

16. jsp:include vs include directive

Hi, I've done some reading on the difference between jsp:include and the include directive and I've seen examples where they can be different, but I'm still a little confused. I have a site where each page includes an a file that checks if the user is logged in: <%if(!"yes".equals(request.getSession().getAttribute("loggedin")) {%> <%}%> This redirects the user to the login page ...

17. doubts realted to include directive

Hi All, 1> 2><@include file="secondpage.jsp"@> I read in a site that if the content of included page is not changing frequently then it is a better idea to use include directive and if it is changing then we should use include action. my doubt is :- for a jsp to get displayed it is first compiled (just for once) and ...

18. include directive doesn't work