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I have on jsp page, which include dynamically other pages with <jsp:include page="<%=jspFile%>" flush="true"/>. The files, which should be included contains all the same function show(), how can I override the ...

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Hi all, I'm studying for my SCWCD test by making my study sheet as a web app. My main page shows each of the test objectives. At the top of the page is are "browse" and "print" links. "browse" means each objective is a link that will take you to a new page with information on that objective. "print" shows both ...

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Going perhaps a little of the original point, but would you know the best way to provide a JSP name to a custom tag (via attribute or whatever) and then have the handler of the tag include (or even forward) to the named JSP. Would this even be a good idea or is it better to simply stick with ? ...

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Hi, I want to check the user and depending on the user, different page has to be included. Her is the part of code : <% if (user_id.equals("prthir")) <%@ include file = "/sps/rhs.html" %> else <%@ include file = "/sps/prthir_rhs.html"%> %> i don't know why some errors come out, is there any syntax problem? even if i use

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Hi All, I have some problem in including a jsp file dynamically. please help me in solving it.... here is Admin.jsp >>>>>>>>>> <% String action=(String)request.getAttribute("action"); %> Administrator

User Administrator Task
<% if(action.equals("addExe")){ %> <% }else ...

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Hey Guys - I would like to dynamically grab different jsp pages using tags. I tried using this method without any luck: Eventually it dawned on me that this wouldn't work because the expression tags wouldn't be evaluated before the tag. I would basically like to include a specific page based on a variable on the "outer" ...

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How do we include a HTML file dynamically - that is - a HTML file whose name gets resolved at run time. I am trying to include a html page dynamically in a jsp page using the following dynamic jsp include syntax - But, this causes a NullPointerException. I have verified that the path of the html is ...